Are you curious to know what is it that makes you fall in love with someone? Is it how they look, their behavior in public, their smile, how they look at you or is it something else? Even if you are not sure what it is, there will always be a pattern to how you fall in love.

Everyone has their ideas and imagination about love and romance. A lot of it depends on the circumstances, age, preference and/or past experiences.

If you go by astrology, Venus is believed to be the planet of love and relationship. Your chart placements in the 5th house of romance and the 7th house of partnership also play a significant role in your love life. It further influences your attitude and preferences in love as well.

However, generally speaking, each zodiac sign has its unique way of falling in love. While some fall in love quickly, some others require a long period of dating. They need sufficient time to get to know the other person before they gradually fall in love.

Let us find what astrology says about how you fall in love:


aries zodiac sign

The dynamic and adventurous Aries falls in love quickly and easily because of their desire for the excitement that a new relationship brings. The same fixation can also sometimes be the reason for them to leave the relationship and move on to a new one.


taurus zodiac sign

The cautious Taurus likes to take time to understand their potential partner before falling in love with them. They value stable relationships so they don’t want to risk it by choosing someone who is not ready for the same level of commitment and loyalty towards love.


gemini zodiac sign

This intelligent and talkative Air sign will quickly fall in love with someone who can stimulate their mental faculties. It is quite easy for a Gemini to fall in love but it is difficult for them to commit to a relationship after the initial phase of playfulness and fun.


cancer zodiac sign

The sensitive and security-conscious Cancer falls for someone capable of making them feel like family. Sometimes they fall in love for the sole purpose of starting their family. Their need to feel emotionally and financially secure can sometimes delay starting a relationship until they are in their mid-30s.


leo zodiac sign

Romantic and affectionate Leos fall in love rather quickly due to their need to feel loved and appreciated. They also seek a partner who will allow them to take the lead role in the relationship without question. Just remember not to take them for granted.


virgo zodiac sign

Virgos are highly diligent and rational. They find it hard to fall in love with anyone. Their perfectionism is their constraint. They would rather sit back and take time analyzing the person before deciding to take it forward. This trait can cause them to find love much later in life.


libra zodiac sign

Libras are the true lovers of the zodiac sign as they are born with the innate knowledge of relationships and romance. They are all about love. It is difficult for them to resist falling in love with anyone they find fascinating. However, they need to differentiate between love and infatuation.


scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpios have an aura of mystery and magnetism that makes others either attracted to or repelled by them. It is not that easy for a Scorpio to fall in love with anyone. However, if they do, then they give themselves wholly into the relationship and will overcome any challenge to win them over.


sagittarius zodiac sign

The popular and friendly Sagittarius are known for their flirtatious nature. They love the thrill and chase of new love, so it is easy for them to fall in love with someone similar. But, their desire for independence can block them from fully committing to the relationship.


capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorns are known for their traditional and old-fashioned nature. They take a lot of time before falling in love and when they do, they make sure it is with someone special. Also, due to their ambitious nature, they find themselves falling in love much later in life.


aquarius zodiac sign

When it comes to the humanitarian and individualistic Aquarius, they are highly attracted to wit and intelligence. Falling in love is not difficult for them. However, expressing the same love requires significant time and patience. They seek a partner who treats them equally and is more like a friend than a lover.


pisces zodiac sign

This self-sacrificing and dreamy Water sign loves the idea of falling in love. Due to this, it is easy for them to fall in love with anyone. However, as a lover, they are cautious about committing, for they want to know all the aspects of their partner beforehand.

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