Gemini is an outgoing air sign that thrives on meeting new people and enjoying life and all of its experiences to the fullest.

That is why these individuals love to frequent parties, hang out with all kinds of different people, and take spontaneous trips to unfamiliar cities.

Now, committing? That’s too much of a sacrifice for the twins, who can’t restrict themselves to one path. These folks need to keep their options open to remain free.

If you like games, adventures, meeting new people, and spending hours on end talking, then you have found the right lover in Geminis. These individuals know how to make their partners laugh and introduce them to a whole world of new experiences by their side.

So, today, we will discuss how Gemini personality process love.

#1. Gemini loves to meet new people

Gemini is a gregarious zodiac sign that likes to mix with visitors, hang out with their friends, and go out to crowded places.

These individuals are very good at picking up people at bars or clubs as they are self-confident, humorous, and delight others with their conversations.

Geminis don’t wait too long to close the deal when meeting potential lovers. These signs love interacting with new people, listening to fresh anecdotes, and adding new contacts to their phone book.

#2. Their intellect moves them

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs our mental processes and communication skills.

That is why the twins have a sharp and vast intellect and tend to be romantically attracted to those with whom they can talk for hours on all kinds of subjects.

Geminis are true sapiosexuals, which means they are attracted to people’s intelligence beyond their physical appearance.

#3. Geminis are not particularly sensitive

Gemini experiences life through their intellect. Therefore, they tend to rationalize their relationships and appear detached when dealing with their feelings and others’.

This makes them appear cold and disengaged in their romantic relationships, which can exasperate their partners. However, Geminis don’t do this on purpose! They prefer to look for solutions to their problems rather than cry about them.

They also don’t like to spend all day cuddling in bed with their lover. These individuals need movement to feel comfortable and free.

#4. They get bored very easily

The twins are restless and can effortlessly devise all kinds of activities and games. The worst plan you can propose to Geminis is to stay at home all day watching TV!

These individuals need to be constantly stimulated and entertained to enjoy love. If their partner doesn’t like going out, visiting friends, hanging out in bars, or even going to the theater, this sign will quickly lose interest.

On the flip side, their partners always have a fun time by their side, meeting new people and laughing at all their jokes.

#5. They like to have their options open

Geminis need to know their options are wide open in their day-to-day life as well as in their romantic relationships. When the twins commit to a single job, project, or affair, they feel they lose their independence.

So, no matter how in love Geminis might be, they always try to keep themselves open to other possibilities. This makes it difficult for them to commit to a long-term relationship, even if they do remain faithful to their partners in the end.

Their need to keep their options open is more psychological than real.

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