It can be hard to tell when someone is interested in you. How they show interest can be way different than how you do, making it easy to miss, and vice versa.

Finding out how your crush shows their interest could be the difference between getting to date them or not.

All Zodiac signs have unique ways when they express interest in their crush. Which can confuse each other if their show of interest is mismatched.

Let’s take a look at how each of the zodiac signs shows interest.


Aries will invite you to watch their latest sports game.

They will want to show off their skill and be showered with your praise. The warlike energy of Aries wants to win. Winning proves to Aries they are worthy of whatever it is they are going after.

So, if they can win in front of you in an impressive display, it will be a great day for them. Aries may even go so far as to dedicate their win to you.

Aries is very much about grand displays of affection. If they like you, you will probably have no issue figuring it out.


Taurus will invite you to their house.

To Taurus, their house is a safe space they rarely share with others. Only their most favorite people are welcomed in.

There was likely a long courting period where Taurus sized you up. They hanged out with you in groups, then slowly began to speak with you. Taurus made you feel special with their attention. Maybe they suggested a smaller group to hang out with. Then it was just the two of you.

And finally, they invited you to their house.

Taurus is a master of testing the waters until they are sure of others. So, if they invite you over, you’ve gained the status of one of their favorite people.


Gemini will talk about very personal things with you.

Gemini is a talker by nature, but they aren’t inclined to talk about things that are private to them. They will talk with you for hours about anything and everything. But when they begin to talk about more heavy topics, they’ve decided you are worth their interest.

Despite their talkative nature, Gemini finds personal, deep topics of conversation uncomfortable. It shows vulnerability that they aren’t used to.

If Gemini is being vulnerable with you, be gentle and understanding with them. If you aren’t careful and miss the signals, they will retreat to lighter topics.


Cancer is generous and giving by nature. Which makes it hard to know when they are interested in you.

The best way to know if a Cancer is interested in you is when they heavily single you out from a group. They will always be paying attention to you and little details.

Cancer will remember your birthday and bring your favorite treat to surprise you. Or take you to that place you mentioned you love.

They are not usually initiators and will probably wait for you to make a move first. Being truly loved by a Cancer is something you don’t want to miss out on, so go for it if you notice the signs.


Leo will outright ask you if you will go out with them.

There is no guessing or beating around the bush with Leo. They know what they want and will act on it. The only time they won’t is when they aren’t sure about you yet.

If they aren’t convinced, they want to date you yet but are still curious, they will make sure to place themselves near you. To put on shows of bravery that make them look good, and see if you will praise them.

Leo wants to know if you will let them take the lead and love them for it. Once they know, they will ask you out.


Virgo will offer to help you with everything.

Everything. All the time.

Virgo’s love language is acts of service. They want to be useful to others, and especially if they are interested in you this will start to seem excessive.

If you like Virgo back, just accept the help. Rejecting it will cause them to think you are rejecting them as a person.

Virgo will wait for you to make the first move. They aren’t risk-takers, but they will likely give you an enthusiastic yes.


Libra will shower you with praise.

Libra shows their interest by letting you know how good you look, how smart you are, what an amazing job you did, etc. They want you to feel good and see yourself as they do.

Libra will always look their best when they are around you, too. They might fish for compliments in very subtle ways. The give and take of compliments and words of affirmation is their love language.

If you are interested in Libra, accept the compliments and give one back. It will make them feel sure of themselves and you.

Though you will have to make the first move. Libra is a zodiac sign that wants to be swept off their feet.

If you don’t, they will either give up on you or bluntly ask you out instead of waiting.


Scorpio will place themselves close to you, and ramp up their mysterious vibes.

They will wait for you to come to them. Like a Venus flytrap.

Scorpio wants to attract others who find them alluring without much effort. This can work for them, so long as they attract the right people.

It takes a lot of work to break into Scorpio’s little world of mysteriousness. Not everyone is interested in how hard it is and how long it can take to wear Scorpio down.

So, if a Scorpio is giving you mystery eyes, prepare for a long courting phase before anything is official.


Sagittarius will constantly appear around you. It could be enough to make you wonder if they are stalking you.

They will also be constantly blowing up your phone with things that made them think of you. It is a sweet, almost childish way of expressing interest.

Sagittarius will eventually ask you outright if you’d like to go out with them. It can be hard to say no, they are very lovable people.


Capricorn will put their projects aside and give you their full attention.

Whether personal or professional, Capricorn tends to be absorbed in their work. If they are willing to set it aside and do something you want to, it’s a sign they are interested.

Capricorn is picky with who they give their time to. It’s an important asset to them. If they are giving it to you, they will eventually make the first move. Time is an investment, and Capricorn always acts on those.


Aquarius will spend hours upon hours talking with you.

Aquarius wants to get to know you on a deep, personal level. It will quickly become obvious they don’t have time or interest for anyone but you. Other people become less important, and they would rather make room in their schedule for you.

Aquarius will open up to you about their emotions, and may even introduce you to the important people in their life.

Once they believe you are the one, he will make the first move.


Pisces will share their passions and emotions with you.

If you take the time to appreciate the things Pisces shares with you, they will love you forever.

Pisces is an emotional zodiac sign, and they tend to fall in and out of love quickly. They will probably be quite straightforward in letting you know they are interested in you.

Pisces wants to get to know you on a deep level that they rarely show others. Pisces is very private, contrasting hard with their seemingly open nature.

If Pisces talks about heavier topics or asks you about them, this is a form of them showing their interest in you.

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