One of the hardest parts of relationships is ensuring your partner feels loved.

Everyone loves differently. Finding one or two love languages your partner has is essential to a successful relationship.

Let’s take a look at how each of the zodiac signs feels most loved in their relationships.


Aries feels loved when their partners allow them freedom and independence.

Aries can have a hard time with dependent or clingy partners. Aries wants to be an individual before being thought of as part of a unit.

Aries needs a partner who is just as independent as they are. They need to be able to cheer one another on and be proud of their partner’s achievements.

It makes Aries happy to point to their thriving partner and say, “that one is mine!” and vice versa.


Taurus feels loved when they are sure their partner is as committed as they are.

Taurus is a laidback zodiac sign who simply wants to know their partner is with them through anything.

They want someone who can take care of themselves and have independence. Yet chooses to be with Taurus over all else.

Taurus is all about choosing to be in a relationship, not needing to be. They want their partner to be that way, too.


Gemini feels loved when they are given a home base.

Gemini is freedom and adventure-seeking. Of course, they want their partner to be, too, but they do like time to themselves.

Having someone to come home to and spill all the details of their solo adventure is the best.

A partner that understands Gemini needs to be free, and also have a stable home to return to is perfect.

Gemini loves coming home and knowing their person will be there. Ready to listen to all the stories they have to tell


Cancer will feel loved when their relationship is all about togetherness.

Not that Cancer is clingy or co-dependent, though this is common to find in this zodiac sign. A healthy Cancer in a loving relationship is an independent person. They just prefer to be part of a partnership that works in a fluid motion.

Expectations are clear, and they know what one another is thinking. Cancer feels most loved when their partner picks up the slack on their own without being asked.

Anticipating the needs of their partner is a trait Cancer looks for.


Leo feels most loved when their partner never stops flirting with them.

Feeling emotionally taken care of is important to Leo in relationships. They need someone who lifts them up. Leo needs a partner who knows how to give them an ego boost.

Everyone wants to be admired by their partners, Leo takes that to another level, though. They may tie that attention and praise to their self-worth. Which can be detrimental if that attention is withdrawn.


Virgo feels loved when their partner is attentive.

They also enjoy partners that are flirtatious. Nothing over the top and cheesy, Virgo likes receiving acknowledgment for their efforts.

Having a partner who is self-sufficient yet chooses to take time to do sweet things will have Virgo swooning.

Virgo is used to doing a lot for others and not receiving much in return. So, a partner who pays attention and returns the favor is a blessing for Virgo to have.


Libra feels most loved when their partners are affectionate.

Libra is all about romance and cuddles. Giving and receiving affection in their love language is key for feeling loved.

Libra tends to feel ungrounded at times, so things like hugs bring the world back into focus. A partner that is freely affectionate and not afraid to show it will be perfect for Libra.

Little kisses, hugs, casual touches throughout the day help Libra feel connected and loved.


Scorpio feels loved when their partner is understanding and willing to give them space.

Scorpio is aware they can be a hard person to be in a relationship with. They are often in need of alone time. Which can be hard on their partner, even if that person is relatively independent.

Relationships can be a difficult thing for Scorpio. On one hand, they love their partner deeply and are extremely loyal when in love. On the other, they need to take care of themselves, which means being alone.

It can be a hard balance to achieve. So, when Scorpio finds a partner who is understanding of this need, they feel loved.


Sagittarius feels loved when their partner joins them on little adventures.

Sagittarius can feel suffocated by the day-to-day routines. A partner who suggests little trips out of town on the weekends will help that.

Extravagant or lengthy travels may be an impossibility compared to how often Sagittarius wants to go. Having a partner who can make the most mundane tasks feel like an adventure is key to a successful relationship.


Capricorn feels loved when their partner makes them comfortable with being themselves.

Capricorn is used to being told to “lighten up.” From family to perfect strangers, this is a phrase they’ve heard too often. It sucks being told to change themselves for others to feel more comfortable.

Having a partner who is perfectly accepting of how they are makes them feel loved. Being understood and unquestioningly loved for who they are may feel foreign to Capricorn at first.

But they love their partner deeply for it.


Aquarius feels loved when they know their partner is completely honest with them.

Having personal opinions and being able to express them makes Aquarius respect their partner. Even if that opinion isn’t the same as Aquarius’ it’s better to be honest.

Little white lies to spare their feelings will irritate them, if they’re discovered.

Aquarius is an extremely honest person, despite knowing most people aren’t. This is why they are very picky with who they get into relationships with.

Finding someone who is honest and upfront with them is a breath of fresh air. Aquarius may get frustrated when their and their partner’s opinions don’t align.

But it makes them respect their partner. And it makes them feel loved to know that this person will never lie to them.


Pisces feels most loved when their partner is thoughtful.

Pisces is considerate of everyone around them. It is nice to have someone return the favor.

Pisces often feel taken advantage of when they do things for others. They aren’t going to stop despite that. It’s not in their nature.

Having a partner who acknowledges and does something thoughtful in return makes Pisces feel loved.

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