How CRAZY are the Zodiac Signs?

How CRAZY are the Zodiac Signs?

  • January 29, 2022

H.M. Ward once said, “We’re all a little bit crazy, and that’s what makes life interesting.”

While the best-selling author was spot-on in her assertion, the ways in which people are crazy do tend to vary from individual to individual.

That’s why, today, we’re talking about each Zodiac sign’s particular brand of crazy:


Capricorns are crazy about their jobs and their hobbies. Once they find something they enjoy doing, they’ll pull all the stops and dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to it.

Their meticulous and well-organized natures can make them appear compulsive to other signs, which in turn makes them seem crazy, but really, they’re just dedicated to the things they love.


Sagittarians aren’t prone to crazy actions, but they’re certainly prone to choices other people would consider crazy.

Being a free spirit that values freedom over relationships or partnerships can certainly seem crazy to others, and if a Sagittarian loves to travel around the world, some of the destinations they’ll choose will register as “crazy” for those signs who don’t really like traveling.


While they can be serious and reserved, Scorpios can be very intense when it comes to relationships, which can make them appear a little crazy to their loved ones.

They also have a special fondness for conspiracy theories, and whether they actually believe in them or not, the fact that they like learning about them can make them come off as weirdos.


Libras are known as one of the most balanced signs out there, so people simply assume they don’t have a crazy bone in their bodies.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, however, as Libras have no limits or boundaries when it comes to achieving their goals.

Luckily, Libras don’t often wish for something crazy like world-domination, but they certainly have the drive for it!


People are often quick to consider Virgos crazy, and with good reason. They’re obsessive and incredibly observant, to the point that they often notice things others wouldn’t have even considered.

This alone wouldn’t be so bad, but their obsessiveness often involves what other people do, and that’s when Virgos cross the line from eccentric to maniac.


Leos love being under the spotlight and getting everyone’s attention, which in itself can seem crazy to a good chunk of people.

If that’s not enough, their intense and domineering personality can make them come off as intimidating and, frankly, more than a little self-obsessed, and that’s just another kind of crazy when you think about it.


Everyone knows that Cancers are loyal to the bone and incredible friends, lovers, and family members, so people tend to give a pass to their crazy.

However, they’re very moody and sensitive, which means that you’ll often have to walk on eggshells around them less you risk their wrath.

They’re not violent or prone to outbursts, but they’re still volatile enough to earn that crazy title.


Their indecisiveness alone often makes people consider Geminis complete wackos, as their inability to commit to a single thing often rubs people the wrong way.

Even if someone’s willing to overlook this particular trait, it’s a little hard to ignore just how exuberant and, frankly, exhausting Geminis can be after a while.


Though warm and dependable, their stubbornness can earn them a high place in the crazy scale because of how far they’re willing to take it.

Taurus aren’t prone to committing to just about any cause or belief, but once they do, there’s nothing you can do or say to change their mind about it.

What’s worse, if they get it in their head that you need to change your mind, there’s little that will stand in their way on their quest to “make you see the truth.”


While no one doubts that Arians are crazy, people often argue about the why.

Some people think Arians are crazy because they’re always, always, ready for a fight, while others believe they’re crazy because they’re incredibly volatile.

Then there’s also those who think Arians are crazy because they’re so stubborn, and those who believe they’re crazy because they genuinely don’t care what others think.

Regardless of the why the consensus is clear: All Aries are crazy.


Pisces are crazy emotional and are capable of turning even the smallest of offenses into a deadly slight.

They’re loving and empathetic people, sure, but once they’ve got it in their head that someone has it out for them, they turn into little monsters thirsting for vengeance, which they’ll get one way or another.


Aquarians are fearless in the pursuit of their goals, which can make them come off as crazy to less ambitious signs.

They’re friendly and open-minded, and their willingness to change their opinion can also register as crazy to others.

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  • Leos do not need or seek attention. We just get it.

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