Those born under the third sign of the Zodiac are known for being expressive, creative, and good at communicating, but they’re also known for being unpredictable, flighty, and just plain hard to understand.

Geminis often feel like something’s missing, and they’re in a constant search for something, though they rarely know what that something is.

Because of this, Geminis can be a difficult sign to be in a relationship with.

They can be easy to love, they’re charming and funny, and often have some of the best stories, but some of the things that makes them so magnetic are also the things that make them difficult to be with.

Here are some of Geminis weak points when it comes to love:


Geminis are one of the most adaptable and flexible zodiac signs out there. They’re capable of molding themselves to just about any situation, which can be a fantastic ability to have, but also leads Geminis to be impulsive.

Just think about it, when you can quickly adapt to any situation, then you have the propensity of trying out new things and experiences, knowing that you’ll be able to go with the flow and change your mindset to fit any new environment.

Because Geminis can do that, they often don’t take into consideration other people’s ability to adapt. They change their minds about things; they change their opinion; they change their preferences, etc.

Not only that, but their impulsivity tends to make them lose interest in goals and relationships, even those who they showed plenty of interest at first.

It’s hard to pursue a relationship with someone who might change their mind about the whole thing without warning.

gemini zodiac sign


While no one denies just how intelligent Geminis can be, and their uncanny ability at achieving their goals, Geminis can be some of the most indecisive people out there.

Once they’ve finally settled for something, they’re great at working on getting it but expect them to take forever to decide on what they want.

They’re overly analytical and have an excellent memory for when their choices ended badly, which means that, when presented with a choice, they’ll try to analyze it from every possible angle before choosing, and even then, they’ll second guess themselves for a while.

This indecisiveness can cause them real problems in relationships, as few people can tolerate their partner continually changing their minds about big and small things.

What’s worse, big decisions such as marriage, children, or even engagement are something most Gemini struggle with, which can be an issue for partners who want certainty in those areas.


Because Geminis are both impulsive and indecisive, it can be pretty hard to rely on then, and knowing you can trust your partner is crucial in any relationship.

Geminis aren’t coldhearted enough to simply leave a relationship because they’re bored of it, but they do grow distance, distracted and lazy, shrugging off responsibilities and making their partner carry with all the weight of maintaining a relationship until it’s too late.

Whether they do it on purpose or not, it’s anybody’s guess, but it does make a relationship with a Gemini a complicated, somewhat uncertain affair.

For what it’s worth, working with Gemini to help them take responsibility in a relationship and not putting their whims before their partner’s needs is absolutely doable.

However, it does require some work, and many partners prefer to be with someone who already can make big choices and take their relationship seriously rather than teaching someone else how to do it.


Geminis love gossiping, as simple as that.

While we all love a particularly juicy gossip, Geminis tend to take them too far, gossiping about everything and anything to those willing to listen.

Still not a relationship breaker to some, but the thing that really pushes this into a weakness and a problem in a relationship is that Geminis don’t hesitate to gossip about their loved ones.

Relationships are based on trust, and Geminis’ tendency to share their partner’s secrets and to talk about their interactions as a couple can complicate things tremendously, particularly if they’re dating a reserved zodiac sign.


While Geminis have no problem making friends and talking to strangers, they often don’t take this characteristic to the most intimate settings.

They’re great in crowds and love to be the soul of the party, but that’s the face they show to people who don’t matter all that much to them.

When it comes to people they do care about, they often show a different face and try to maintain a facade of perfect lover even when they’re not feeling like it.

While this could theoretically be considered as a positive, the truth is that lying to your loved ones to protect them and yourself can lead to more problems in the long run.

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