When it comes to zodiac signs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as misunderstood as Geminis.

They’re called flighty, two-faced or just plain confusing, and while these characteristics didn’t come out of nowhere, the truth is that there’s a method to their madness that a handful of signs are bound to enjoy.

Adventurous, stubborn, egotistical, curious, and passionate signs are some of the best partners for Gemini:

They’re good at adapting to unexpected situations, they’re passionate enough that they won’t bore Gemini easily, they know how to handle themselves on their own so they won’t become clingy, and they’re capable of feeding Gemini’s thirst of adventure.

While the following signs may not be 100% perfect for every sign out there, but they sure come close to it.


aquarius zodiac sign

Artistic, curious, and always eager to learn, an Aquarius and Gemini pair will never run out of things to talk about, which is a fantastic quality for a couple of thrill-seekers like these two.

Both parties in this relationship crave adventure, have a strong independent streak, and are air signs, which makes them prone to spontaneous actions and impulsivity.

Aquarius may have trouble keeping up with Geminis hot and cold tendencies, but for the most part, Gemini and Aquarius will click immediately, thanks to their compatibility and chemistry.

The only real problem between these signs?

They tend to be so similar that they forget they need to put work in their relationship and get a little too comfortable, too fast.

As long as these two are willing to work for it, their relationship can be legendary.


libra zodiac sign

Both Libra and Gemini are social butterflies, always seeking the next big adventure or the next best friend. They don’t back away from challenges and will support each other through thick and thin, even though they tend to have different approaches to the same scenarios.

Libra and Geminis have a ‘partner in crime’ approach to relationships, as they understand each other intrinsically, both in the bad and the good.

A Geminis and Libra par can be full of jealousy, but strangely enough, it’s not always negative; they both understand where the other is coming from because they feel the same, which means they can always reach an agreement.

While communication is crucial in any relationship, it becomes twice as important when it comes to these two, as it will help them navigate problems born from said jealousy.

In all honesty, though, there’s little to worry about these two. They understand and complement each other well; as long as they don’t hide things from each other, they’re bound to be one of the most stable relationships in the Zodiac.


aries zodiac sign

This is, by far, one of the most fast-paced and thrilling romances out there, full of last-minute decisions that always end in some genuinely hilarious stories that stick with you for years.

While it’s true that Geminis’ indecisiveness and go with the flow attitude is entirely different to Aries’s carpe diem approach to life, this can actually work in favor of the couple.

We’re not saying Gemini should just do whatever Aries tells them, but they should take advantage of this sign’s drive to get things done instead of thinking about what could go wrong.

Both Aries and Gemini are very stubborn signs, so you can expect them to bump heads always, but what might seem like an argument to some is really just foreplay to these two.

In general, an Aries and Gemini in a relationship are going to be that fun, but intense couple that’s always willing to participate in a new activity and or hobby and always takes things far when it comes to competing.

Admittedly, the latter is usually Aries’s fault.


leo zodiac sign

Leo and Gemini have some of the largest egos in the entire Zodiac, which may sound bad for a relationship, but usually works wonders for these two.

What makes these two work is that, while their egos are enormous, they usually demonstrate it in entirely different ways, which means they won’t be competing for the same things and will support each other instead whenever possible.

Leo’s go-getter and commanding attitude will char Geminis, while Leo will enjoy Gemini’s thirst for adventure and emotional intelligence.

This pairing is the kind of relationship that works not because of its similarities but rather despite their differences.

Since they’re both very friendly signs, they love going out to parties where they can meet new people; Parties where Leo can show off their new outfit and style, and where Geminis can meet new people and share their discoveries or adventures.

For these two, it’s all about finding the kind of crazy that complements yours. They can be very different, but there are enough similarities between them that, carefully cultivated, a relationship between these two is meant to last.

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