Many people agree that you can’t manufacture a great sense of humor. You either are born with it, or you don’t have it.

This talent belongs to spontaneous, quick-witted people, who are not afraid to laugh at themselves! These characters are very observant and pay attention to their surroundings, have a curious nature, and are always ready to learn new things.

Humor is usually found in things that are out of place. The better someone assumes unique perspectives or sees things from a completely different angle, the better this person will be at making funny remarks about their daily lives.

A natural sense of humor is also related to outgoing, talkative people and enjoy having an audience to entertain.

Do you consider yourself a funny person? Read on and find out if your sign is one of the funniest in the zodiac!

#1. Gemini

This sociable sign has all the ingredients that make a great comedian: they are outgoing, very clever, spontaneous, and good with words. Geminis are the clown of their groups, always finding how to make people laugh, regardless of the circumstances.

These individuals have a natural skill for witty and simple jokes. They are also very friendly and can get along with almost everyone, making this adaptable character one of their key assets to their intuitive sense of humor.

Gemini will make a great comedian since they are charming and know how to keep an audience engaged for hours to come.

#2. Sagittarius

Sagittarians are also hilarious signs. Instead of dwelling on their problems or unfortunate circumstances, they prefer to laugh at themselves and make a joke about it!

Sagittarians are spontaneous, light-hearted, and adventurous, which means they are ready to turn things upside down and laugh at the outcomes, a typical personality trait of a funny person.

There is no tragic situation that Sagittarius cannot reverse with their quirky sense of humor and infectious positivity. For this reason, it’s very wise to keep one of these optimistic fellows around in case you are having a bad day.

#3. Aquarius

Aquarius’ brilliant mind is worthy of admiration. Their cutting-edge ideas make them one of the best comedians of the whole zodiac. This sign doesn’t follow the mainstream and therefore laughs at outdated laws and restrictions with their jokes.

These folks have a detached nature that’s often related to people with a keen sense of humor. Those who are too serious or too identified with the action can’t see the funny side of life.

But Aquarians are able to see the funny patterns in their circumstances, even in unfortunate times.

Their sense of humor is social-oriented and aims to raise awareness of society’s injustices and humanitarian concerns.

#4. Leo

Leo is a born entertainment. These individuals know how to keep other’s people attention on them, thanks to their charismatic and bright personalities. As they enjoy having the spotlight, they’ve learned how to unleash their unique sense of humor from a young age.

Their warm characters make their jokes popular, and they succeed at making everyone they know laugh for hours. They have good comedic timing, which means they don’t just have funny words. Leo has a sense of rhythm and delivery that makes them naturally funny.

#5. Scorpio

Scorpio is not very outgoing. In fact, they usually hide their inner self from the rest of the people. However, given the right circumstances, they can come up with hilarious jokes! Although, they are not for everyone’s taste.

Nothing is funny by itself. Things are funny for some specific people in specific situations. Scorpio makes other laughs when the audience is in tune with its dark nature. They have a great talent for reading the atmosphere well and be in rapport with the people around them.

This sign is the king of dark humor and the kind of people that understand it has a lot of fun with their wicked jokes. So, if this is your cup of tea, find a Scorpio comedian and enjoy a wonderful time.

#6. Libra

Libra doesn’t really like to take center stage and usually doesn’t have the initiative to entertain others. However, these individuals are charming and are always looking to please their companions, so if the situation calls for it, they will crack a few jokes to break the ice.

Libra’s sense of humor is tasteful and classic. They will never say anything inappropriate or offend others with their words.

Libra will probably tell all those classic jokes they recall from their childhood and everyone else will just laugh to avoid making this adorable sign feel awkward. After all, they do everything they can to make their companions feel at ease.

#7. Aries

Sometimes Aries has a great sense of humor, but they just don’t realize it! When they get upset about something, their reactions are over the top, and they start spouting all sorts of outrageous things without regard for whoever is listening.

For the rest of the people, this is entirely amusing! Although Aries’ intention was not what they expected, they end up laughing at themselves as well.

#8. Taurus

Taurus is a quiet and calm sign, and don’t usually like to tell jokes or make funny remarks. They prefer to go to the movies and see a comedy film instead of making other people laugh.

This sign is too down-to-earth and has a simple way of approaching their circumstances, which takes away their spontaneity and flexibility to find humor in life.

They still appreciate people with a great sense of humor and look for their company when they have spare time and want fun.

#9. Pisces

Pisces is a sensitive and dreamy water sign that tends to observe life rather than play an active role. They lack enough wit and spontaneity to make funny jokes or tell their experiences with humor. Besides, they tend to be quiet and withdrawn and don’t like when all eyes are on them.

This sign is sensitive and the last thing they want to do is make other people feel bad, thanks to a misplaced joke. Pisces takes seriously the feelings of each individual and could not laugh at the underlying truths of each person’s experience.

They have numerous other great qualities, but humor, in particular, is not their strength.

#10. Capricorn

Capricorn is too focused on working and climbing the career ladder to be funny. This sign is known for their pessimistic approach to life and their lack of humor.

Again, someone who is too rigid and down-to-earth like Capricorn is unable to look at things from a different perspective, which is pretty much what it takes to be funny and entertain other people!

They don’t even like comedies and don’t get it when others make jokes! They are a little bit too serious for this world.

#11. Cancer

Cancer is a sensitive sign that wears a giant shell to protect itself from the outside world. That’s why they tend to appear rude and don’t make jokes to not interact with others.

They show a little more sense of humor after knowing someone for a long time, and they feel confident enough. However, their repertoire of jokes is quite limited, and they only show it on special occasions and when not many people are watching them.

#12. Virgo

Virgo is another pessimistic sign, prone to see the glass as half-empty and to expect the worst from their circumstances.

They also don’t have much of a sense of humor. In fact, they tend to criticize people who make jokes all the time, as they consider them childish.

For Virgo, there are too many problems in the world to be laughing at those distractions.

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