Do You Have Serial Killer Potential?

Do You Have Serial Killer Potential?

  • November 25, 2019

The stars are not always 100% accurate in predicting our personalities. However, they can provide some pretty interesting and important insights to some aspects of our behaviours. We all can admit to having a dark side to us.

Think about it! Even the bubbliest of individuals do tend to lean more on the morbid side of life at times. There seems to be something within us that finds comfort in morbidity. The question however remains, is the solace derived from the dark side of life enough to drive us into a murderous rage? Well, let’s see what the stars say shall we?


Aries are known for going for what they want no matter what. Is death a barrier they can simply overlook as a means to an end? Well, it turn out that it is for some.

Serial killers such as Joseph Franklin, Donald Harvey, Paul Knowles, Keith Jespersen, Charles Sobhraj and Herbert Mullin are some of the headliners in the Aries serial killer hall of fame.

Combined, their actions have been known to claim the lives of anywhere between thirty and slightly shy of sixty individuals.  Aries clearly are a blood lusty lot but are they lustier than the rest of the zodiacs?


Taurus seem to be giving the rest of the Zodiacs a run for their money as far as serial killer victims are concerned. While the number of notable killers may be on the lower end of the spectrum, the victims aren’t.

Starting from the pioneer of the blood thirsty art of serial killing Mr. H. H. Holmes, fondly known as the Torture Doctor who has a record two hundred bodies under his belt to Martha Becks who has under twenty victims, Taurus serial killers have for sure carved their names into the walls of history.

This zodiac also has a number of female contenders that are worth mentioning. We already talked about Martha Becks right? Well we can’t forget her sister in blood thirst, Amy Archer Gilligan. Other notable names worth dropping under this zodiac include The Moon Maniac (Albert Fish) and The Gorilla Killer (Earle Nelson).



Do not be fooled by the bubbly, every cheerful nature of Geminis. This happy adventurous bunch seem to have a liking for spilling blood. Notable serial killing Geminis make up about twelve name sin the killer hall of fame.

A good number of these individuals have an interesting story to them. They were often found to have certain mental health challenges and were seemingly masters of double lives. Combined, their known victims account for a minimum of one hundred and twenty four souls.

Since we have established a culture of notable name dropping let us continue shall we. For Geminis, we have The Son Of Sam, Jeffery Dahmer, Kenneth Bianchi, The Hill side Strangler, Milwaukee Strangler, Richard Chase, The Vampire of Dusseldorf, John Collins, Author Shawcross, Leonard Lake, Wayne Williams, Danny Rolling, Peter Sutcliffe, and Robert Lee Yates.

Assasin needle


Do not be fooled by their calm exterior. Cancers can be a rather ruthless bunch if pushed to a corner.

While they have a few mentionable names, only four are worth mentioning. Genene Jones, John Reginald, Carl Panzram and Gary Heidnik combined have a minimum of ninety two victims whose murders can be directly linked to them.

The blood lust of Cancers can be attributed to their ability to love with every fibre of their being as well as their moody tendencies. So better not cross a Cancer on a particularly moody day.


Leos are perhaps the least likely to be serial killers out of all the zodiacs. These gentle souls care more about enjoying life and all the mysterious and beautiful things it has to offer than getting irked by the little upsetting things that life throws at them.

This, however, doesn’t mean that they are devoid of any mentionable names. Myra Hindley, Anthony Sowell and John Haigh together are responsible for the murders of at least twenty five victims.


When it comes to blood thirsty traits, Virgo are serious contenders. If we are name dropping, then allow us to mention just but a few.

To start us off, we have Henry Lee Lucas who is responsible for more than one hundred and fifty seven victims. Others in this list include Rodney Alcala, Paul Bernardo, Richard Angelo, Albert DeSalvo, Richard Biegenwald, Harrison Graham, Ed Gein, Marybeth Tinning and Gerald Stano.

The ten combined have claimed the lives of at least three hundred and ninety seven people. Not only are these Virgo headliners known for their numbers, they are also known for their grim methods.

Man with Axe


Libras have some of the most eclectic personalities in the zodiac yet have one of the least notable names in the serial killer hall of fame. Not to take away from their ‘glory’ but for the extremes that appear within this zodiac, four is an impressively low number.

Patrick Kearney also referred to as The Freeway Killer is the star of this zodiac with a body count of up to forty three unfortunate souls.

Fellow blood thirsty souls include Angelo Buono Jr., Bobby Joe Long and Gerald Gallego. Together, all four have a body count of at least seventy five people.


Scorpios are a unique bunch. This is the first zodiac to have a bloody duo; Alton Coleman and Debra brown. Another one of your mentionable killers is Carl Eugene.

Other blood thirsty members of this camp include Charles Manson, Belle Gunness, Nannie Doss and William Heirens. These notable mentions are responsible for the loss of at least one hundred and sixty nine lives. 


For a people whose zodiac sign is half beast and half man, the likelihood of serial killer tendencies is high. While this zodiac has not attracted a large crowd of killers, it does have some of the more famous ones.

Ted Bundy for example is a member of this cosmic family. He is not only renowned for his killing sprees but his successes at escaping the arm of the law even after it had caught up with him severally.

Other notable mentions include Richard Cottingham, Edmund Kemper, Carlton Gray, and Denis Neilsen. Together, this murderous bunch have claimed the lives of at least seventy four people.

Sagittarius are known for their great conversational skills as well as their wits. It is no wonder that some would speculate that the number of serial killers under this zodiac that are yet to be discovered could be shockingly high.

Stabbing Murder


It is natural for Capricorns to distance themselves from people. They do not trust easily and it takes a lot to get into their inner circle. Their natural distrust can tend to make them rather cold individuals.

It is no wonder that the total body count of Capricon serial killer victims rises to as high as one hundred and nineteen.

Our notable mentions under this zodiac include Dean Corll, Joe Ball, Ian Brady, Charles Ng, William Bonin, and Vincent Johnson.


Aquarius are happy zodiac that does not seem to be blood thirsty. There are only four notable mentions under this zodiac with a combined body count of forty nine victims.


Pisces are known to have two extremes. They can either be super relaxed individuals or super intense.

It’s probably the latter that has seen them accrue at least twelve serial killers with a body count of at least two hundred and seventy nine victims.

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  • Um, first of all, it’s a bit weird to have a list that almost glorifies serial killers.

    Secondly, Leo is symbolized by the mighty and fierce lion. And the FBI list was debunked.

    In terms of how many serial killers a Zodiac had, it was revealed that Capricorn had the most (55 serial killers) and Leo was 2nd with 46 serial killers.

    So…we are not as “warm and kind” as many modern times make us seem.

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