Gemini men are highly intellectual, smart and funny, but they are also shallow, emotionally immature and prone to lying.

Gemini is the 3rd zodiac sign that stands for education, communication, information sharing, learning new things and short-distance travel. It is ruled by Mercury – the lord of speech, wit and speed.

Today you are going to delve deeper into the shallow waters known as Gemini, and you’re going to learn the things they don’t advertise no matter how much they talk.

#1. Gemini gossip

Oh yes, they do. Even if they may seem cool and collected, they are sucking up all of the information presented to them and then, they distribute it like a fax machine.

Their short-term memory is the best one in the entire zodiac, and the amount of most random details and information they can remember is astonishing.

So you better watch what you say in front of them and what you opt to share with them, lest you become a new internet sensation.

#2. Gemini are shallow

Their need to be in the center of attention and whatever is happening is astonishing. They don’t care whether they are causing positive or negative reactions, as long as they are receiving attention.

Their emotional pool is very shallow, and although their eyes may seem like you can drown in their depths, they are not a reliable measure of their emotional depth.

Gemini don’t understand emotions that cut deep, nor they can grasp that words may hurt more than just a spur of the moment. Gemini need to live long and experience a lot in order to deepen their emotional pool and learn the value of words.

#3. Gemini get bored easily

Indeed, they are; their attention span is shorter than a match-stick. If you are not a source of constant information and you’re not funny, the chances are – your Gemini will not be staying long next to you.

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They need a constant input of new and shiny things, knowledge and info so that their brain may focus on its own hamster wheel.

Gemini need to be stimulated and entertained above all else. This is why they love to spend time with Aquarius, Leos and Aries. They feel thrilled and entertained in their company.

#4. Gemini are unfaithful

In all honesty, you had to see this one coming, right? They are both shallow and they get bored easily, well of course they won’t get the concept behind “faithfulness”.

 Their playful nature and constant need for excitement might lead to a complete path of cheating until, in the end, the only way they know how to date is constant cheating.

They also change partners very fast, there’s no stopping them, nor they can stop themselves. Once they are hooked on the high of the secrecy and thrill of the chase – there’s not much that can keep them tied down.

#5. Gemini are liars

The constant input of information, absorption of other people’s life stories and experiences combined with their own quick wit and mischief have made them the best and most prominent liars of the entire zodiac.

If for naught else, they will lie if only to cause a conundrum, and watch the live-action drama unfold in front of them.

They are not fair players, and they do not care for other people’s emotions and delicate nature. They want fun and they want it all the time, so get used to being lied to.

#6. Gemini are disloyal  

They can and will turn their back to you as long as it is convenient to them. They won’t feel remorse or shed a tear for your emotional pain. They will even call you dramatic.

Gemini have a different moral compass and concept of right and wrong than other people. They are a special kind of snowflake.

You think that if you expect it, it won’t hurt as much, but if you develop deep feelings for them, and invest your energy and affection in them – it will hurt all the same. So be careful in whom you put your trust and how much you trust them, you don’t want to wake up with a knife in your back.

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