Everyone has a cocktail of traits that work together to make up their personality. Some traits are downright annoying while others are too cute to handle. In the same way some of your most annoying or attractive traits are seemingly written in the stars, your adorable traits are also included in this astrological prediction. Let’s take a peak of what the stars say about you shall we?


First, that hair! Bad hair days were meant for any other zodiac but Aries. Secondly, you have that childlike curiosity. Your eagerness to learn about things and the zeal with which you approach the process of discovering them is way too cute. It makes those around you want to join in on the adventure.


Your cutest trait has to be your big act. You like to see people happy and are always giving random gifts or doing nice things for those around you. Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk about that gorgeous body. The stars have definitely aligned for you in that regard.


You are the life of the party. You bring so much joy and laughter in a room regardless of the situation. And don’t get us started on how cute and infectious your laugh is. Another adorable trait you possess is your ability to make those in your life feel special by showering them with love.

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Your ride or die approach to all your relationships is extremely adorable and admirable. Let’s not forget that smile of yours that is absolutely to die for.


Leos are just a giant ball of cute. Their personalities are admirable perhaps due to their ability to always be there for their nearest and dearest. They are funny and outdoorsy. It’s impossible not to have a good time around Leos.


The term “drop-dead gorgeous” was created for this zodiac’s wardrobe selection. If you need lessons in all things fashion then Virgos are your go to zodiac sign.



Libras are best known for two things; their charm and confidence. Everything they do almost always has an air of confidence about it you just can’t help but admire them.


Scorpio has to be one of, if not the most, supportive of the zodiacs. Cross someone they care about and you shall see the full force of their wrath. How protective you are of those you care about is just about the cutest thing ever.


Sagittarius have a voice capable of melting even the coldest of hearts. It has such a melodious and soothing ring to it you have no choice but to relax around them. They are loved for their infectious optimism.

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The cutest thing about you is your drive to be the best and your undoubted success at it. We also can’t forget how on fleek your eyebrows are.


You have a trophy worthy behind. This plus your open-mindedness are undoubtedly your most adorable traits.


You have amazing feet. You are also very artistic and your vulnerability and openness are just the icing on the cake.

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  • Leo can be “cute” but we are fierce and savage lions too.

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