Understanding Cancer Woman

Like all other water bodies, the moon plays a big role in Cancer woman’s life. This water sign can move in and out of emotions and intensities with which she feels things in a heartbeat.

5 Bizarre Myths and Facts About CANCER Zodiac Sign

As far as astrology is concerned, Cancer has the reputation of being an emotional, family-oriented and sensitive zodiac sign. But this zodiac sign goes beyond these common traits. Cancers are highly passionate, affectionate, intuitive, loyal, have a great sense of empathy, sentimental and a host of other qualities that portray how much kindness they have for other people.

Unknown Dark side of Cancer Zodiac Sign

As far as making you feel comfortable, loved and appreciated goes, no zodiac outdoes Cancer. Cancers are well known for their loving and caring attitude. They are sensitive beings and take care not to rub others the wrong way. Guided by moon and ruled by water, this zodiac is rather calm.

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