Cancers are known for being one of the most sensitive signs out there, as well as being one of the most romantic.

While there’s no denying that being in touch with your emotions can benefit any relationship, we have to wonder, is being a sensitive soul a boon for Cancer’s intimate relationships?


In fact, here are six ways in which Cancer’s personality traits can act as strengths in their romantic relationships.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancers are Loyal

Cancers are, by far, one of the most loyal signs in the entire zodiac: always willing to stand by those they care about, no matter the odds.

When we think of “loyalty” in a romantic context, we tend to think about staying away from temptations and not cheating on your partner, which is crucial for all romantic relationships.

However, loyalty takes many forms, and Cancers tend to exhibit all of them.

Loyalty can be staying in a relationship even when things are hard; Loyalty is standing by your partner even when you’re mad at them; Loyalty can be keeping their secrets even if the relationship is over.

Cancer, with their strong values and their steel core, are loyal to a fault, and that really shines through when it comes to their relationships.

Cancers are Protective

Though they’re far from confrontational and tend to avoid conflict as much as possible, Cancers won’t back down from protecting those they love.

They might not jump into a fight right away, choosing instead to defuse the situation by talking and explaining things away, but when push comes to shove?

If Cancer genuinely feels like their loved ones are being threatened, they’ll transform into a completely different person, willing to face off against any opponent if they believe it’ll keep their loved ones safe.

Cancers are Sensitive

Being sensitive to other people’s emotions, needs, and desires is a fantastic thing to bring into a relationship, and Cancer has those qualities in spades.

In fact, their sensibility and the extent to which they’re in touch with their emotions are some of Cancer’s most recognizable traits.

They’re tender lovers, loving to a fault, respectful, and always looking for new ways to express their love and affection, which in turn keeps their relationships from feeling stale.

Being with someone so in touch with their emotions can be a little strange at first, mainly if you’re not used to that kind of thing, but it’s a tremendous advantage in relationships, as Cancers don’t expect people to guess what’s going on with them.

They might not be as crass and direct as other signs, but as a general rule, Cancers know precisely how they feel and why they feel that way, which can help avoid problems in relationships.

Cancers are Dreamers

Some people use the word ‘dreamer’ as an insult as if having big dreams and aspirations were a weakness.

Cancers show that having dreams can be an enormous strength, both in life and relationships.

They’re imaginative, they’re creative, they’re romantic and, though it can cause them heartache, they’re prone to falling in love.

Cancers love their big ideas and romantic ideals, which allows them to always look into the future and find new ways to achieve their dreams.

When it comes to relationship, this same drive to accomplish their dreams, leads them to always look for the next big thing in their relationship, to find new dreams and achievements to chase with their partner, and to find a better future for those they love.

Cancers are Resilient

You don’t get to be a sensitive soul and a dreamer without becoming a resilient person.

Le’ts be clear; resilience isn’t the same as having a thick skin. Cancers are sensitive, and words and actions can hurt them tremendously, but it’s precisely this pain that makes cancers as resilient as they are.

Cancers are capable of picking themselves up after a heartbreak; Cancers are capable of pursuing their goals despite hardships or ridicule, Cancers can remain in a relationship even if things are getting particularly hard.

It’s not stubbornness. It’s not just a desire to reach their goals.

It’s knowing, without a shadow of a doubt, that just because things are hard today doesn’t mean they have to be hard tomorrow, and they’re willing to weather any storm in their relationships provided the person they love are fighting alongside them the entire time.

They’re Adaptable and Open-Minded

One of the most significant explanations behind Cancer’s resilient attitudes is just how adaptable and open-minded they can be.

Though they can be stubborn in achieving what they want, and they aren’t afraid of pursuing their goals, Cancers know that sometimes, you just need to change your plans.

Sticking to your Plan A as a point of pride is a trap many zodiac signs fall into, but Cancer isn’t one of them. Cancers know that things won’t go their way all the time, and are perfectly capable of adapting on the march.

Relationships, like people, tend to change with time, and Cancer knows that refusing to let go of the past is an excellent way of ensuring there’s no future, so they’re often willing to take the next big step.

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