Can you imagine a situation where you confided your top secret to your close friend, only to find out later that it has become the talk of the town? Won’t that be an embarrassing situation for you? Have you ever wondered what makes a person a blabbermouth, and while some others are close-lipped about others’ secrets?

If we turn to astrology, we have to look at the 2nd house of speech, and the 8th and 12th house of secrets from the rising sign in the horoscope. However, a good and easy way to find out a person’s ability to keep a secret is through their zodiac sign. So, let’s see which zodiac signs are good and not so good at keeping secrets.


aries zodiac sign

Aries do not give much thought to keeping a secret unless it is something serious. They won’t spill out if revealing it to others can bring trouble to themselves and the person involved. If it is something light then there is a sure chance of them revealing it to others.


taurus zodiac sign

Taurus are experts at hiding information whether it is about themselves, their assets, or others. They value holding onto things, whether it is money or secrets. This makes them loyal and trustworthy individuals. So next time you want to confide in someone, turn to your Taurean friend.


gemini zodiac sign

Geminis are known for socializing and having a large group of friends. Their overexcitement can sometimes make them leak information. This can cause problems for those who shared their personal information with them. Due to this nature, it becomes quite difficult for them to keep secrets.


cancer zodiac sign

Cancers are good at keeping secrets only if it is related to their loved and dear ones. They can be reckless with the private information of those not so close to their hearts. They can sometimes unknowingly reveal secrets, making them regret the reveal later.


leo zodiac sign

Leos do not believe in breaking promises. This Fire sign is a keeper of words. They make sure that they do not break integrity. However, quite often they are mistaken to be the opposite of what they are. But, we should not forget that their strength is the trust of others.


virgo zodiac sign

Virgos are reserved and shy by nature, so they have very few friends. This itself makes it difficult for them to reveal their friends’ secrets to others. However, this does not mean they will not resort to correcting their friends for their mistakes or giving unnecessary advice which is sometimes unwelcome.


libra zodiac sign

Libras are neither the best nor the worst when it comes to withholding secrets. A lot depends on the seriousness of the information and the context. If they feel that revealing it will not cause any serious consequences, they will not hesitate to let out the secret.


scorpio zodiac sign

Scorpios are inherently secretive and private individuals. They take extra precautions when it comes to secrets whether it is related to them, their friends, or loved ones. However, one should be careful when sharing private information with them, as they can use it to manipulate others.


sagittarius zodiac sign

Sagittarians are known for their truthfulness and straightforward nature. So, it naturally becomes difficult for them to hide information from others and it is more of a burden for them to hold onto others’ secrets. There are chances of them unknowingly blurting out the secret in their excitement.


capricorn zodiac sign

The faithful and responsible Capricorns are pros when it comes to keeping others’ secrets. Even if the person cheats or hurts them they will not use the information shared against them. They value trust, and find gossiping and spreading rumors to be signs of immaturity.


aquarius zodiac sign

Aquarius are good at withholding personal information about themselves and others. However, if they think that hiding the information will further escalate the problems, then they will reveal them. However, they will do so only after careful consideration and will part with only the information that is relevant to finding a solution.


pisces zodiac sign

Being empathic and caring, Pisces find it very easy to hold onto secrets as they do not wish to hurt the feelings of their friends by revealing their secrets to others. Moreover, they love when others share their secrets with them as they feel valued.

What kind of a secret holder are you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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