Have you ever noticed some people sound exactly the same on text as in person? You can literally hear them speaking as you read their messages. Others sound cold and distant on text yet in person they are rather warm and welcoming. There are those that could not be bothered to completely type up words or punctuate their statements. Texting with this lot is more often a guessing game rather than communication. Let’s not forget the lot that uses more pictorials than actual words in their texts.

Texting has become a major part of today’s life. It is the modern day art of letter writing. Only instead of waiting months to receive the response, you get real time feedback. That last bit also depends on the recipient of the text and how keen they are on sharing a response.

Texting, regardless, of the platform, has also emboldened some people and not necessarily in a bad way. There are those of us who have no idea what to say to people in person. We end up tongue tied and flustered but on text, we are the masters of our words.

The way we text is characteristic to who we are. There is not much we can do to change that. What we can attempt, however, is to understand how different zodiacs text. This would go a long way in managing expectations when communicating with your nearest and dearest.


Aries are known to be both fun loving and go getters. This may explain why they tend to take rather long periods of time to respond to text messages. At times they leave their texts unanswered. If you are lucky enough to get a response from this lot, it may look like they are shouting on text.

Worry not though, their fully uppercase responses with a touch of exclamation marks is not them being bossy. It’s their way of conveying how stocked they are to talk to you. So be patient with this lot.


Taurus do not like to beat about the bush with their texts. Their responses are usually clear cut and to the point. This makes them come off as being a tad rude but this is not their intention.

Well not according to their zodiac anyway. Their usually bubbly personality that you enjoy when meeting them face to face is often revealed in texts through their use of emojis.

Man texting


Geminis are bubbly individuals through and through. Their fun loving and talkative nature cannot be hidden on text. They are the type to send each sentence as a separate text instead of simply writing all they have to say and sending it at a go.

They do, however, tend to be rather lazy in some instances. Best case scenario would be when they have to share the same message with a big group of people. They will simply bundle everyone up in one group and send out one text to everyone they needed to reach.


Cancers view texting almost as a practice run to writing a book or a blog post. They have a lot to say and tend to spare no detail. You can, therefore, rest assured that a text from this lot will look something close to an essay.


Leos are the poster children for the saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. They are known to communicate more with photos than with words.

Instead of explaining how they feel, they would rather just show you. This also means that they are not the best text buddies.

Girl texting


This is a rather pragmatic lot. Virgos understand that there is a lot of room for misinterpretation in the texting realm. It is for this reason that if you text them, they will most probably call you back.


Texts from Libras are characterized by seemingly unending questions. They are curious individuals and have an incessant need to be in the know.

The funny thing about them though is that should your text touch on a topic that they are not particularly comfortable with, you are likely to be ignored.


Scorpios have a very different sense of humour than most. Theirs is more on the cheeky side of life. They are likely to let you see that they read your text but haven’t responded just to see your reaction.


Sagittarius are best known for their wits. They are the type to sneak in a clever joke into a conversation that has the potential to run all day.

Man Texting


Capricorns do not like being the once to make the first move when it comes to texting. They will seem uninterested in furthering a friendship or conversation as long as you do not reach out to them.

Once you do, however, it is an experience that is well worth it. Their thoughtful and sensitive nature make them such a joy to text with.


Texting with an Aquarius can be rather confusing. You end up bombarded with a bunch of links to topics they think you would like.

Just when you think you are getting the hang of texting, an Aquarius will hit you with a made-up word that you have no idea what it means.


Pisces seem to have an urge to communicate their ideas regardless of the hour. If something strikes them at 2 am in the morning and you have something to do with it, then you will receive a text from them at TWO AM!

The funny thing about Pisces is that they may never revisit that two am genius idea ever again.

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