Let’s be honest here, Aries isn’t the easiest sign to get along with.

They’re undeniably magnetic, capable of charming the pants off anybody and filled with the kind of confidence you can’t help but to want to get close to.

Their magnetic smiles and confident personalities can make them amazingly good partners, but they can also make them a nightmare to be with. They’re headstrong, self-absorbed, overconfident, competitive, impulsive, and generally, a pain in the ass, even when they’re firmly on your team.

That charming confidence? It could very well be selfishness; That spontaneous spirit? Impulsivity.

Aries’ are represented by a ram for a very good reason: Dealing with an Aries at their worst can feel like ramming your head against a hard surface over and over again.

But what can make an Aries such a frustrating partner?

It usually boils down to these things:

aries zodiac sign


Aries’ selfishness is a curious thing.

It’s not so much that they only think about themselves, but that they never consider other people’s opinions and feelings.

Simply put, they think they know best, so they often make choices without consulting their partner about, entirely convinced not only that they’re doing the right thing, but that their partner will adore what they’re doing.

They’re also self-absorbed; Some might be better with people than others, but in general, Aries tends to be too focused on themselves to notice what’s going on with others, which can be a problem in a relationship.

In general, Aries’s selfish tendencies prevent them from realizing they’re dropping the ball in their relationship, but luckily, pointing it out is often enough for Aries-individuals to at least try to improve their behavior.


Anyone who’s ever spent any amount of time with Aries knows just how impatient they can be. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a sign that’s worse than Aries at it.

They constantly interrupt people, maniacally change channels to skip commercials, rush you if you’re taking too long to do what you want, give up on time-consuming hobbies, etc.

They get easily bored and leave things unfinished all the time, and, unfortunately, this carries into their relationships.

While dating an Aries can be very exciting, it can also be exhausting. It’s hard to match their seemingly endless energy and desire for doing everything right now.

This impatience is particularly problematic in relationships because Arieses can get very frustrated when things don’t go as fast as they want them to, and their general lack of consideration for others can blind them to the reasons.

Aries-born individuals are quick to jump to conclusions, and a relationship not going the way they expected it to go can be taken as a complete failure.

Arieses may not realize that their partner needs more time, or that they’re rushing things, or that things are going great, even if a little slower than expected.

They’re often too focused on what’s not happening that they completely miss what is.


We’re not talking about physical aggression here (though Arians do love their high contact sports) as much as we’re talking about their personalities.

They’re “from 0 to 100%” kind of people, unwilling and incapable of beating around the bush even when they could benefit from it.

If they feel like a relationship isn’t working, they will tell you; If you hurt their feelings, they’ll let you know; if they think you’re doing something stupid, they won’t mince words.

Aries’s communication style is aggressive and uncompromising, and while it might save them time and confusion, it can also be rude, or just plain hurtful, to others.

This is particularly relevant when it comes to more sensitive signs, who might take Aries’s friendly advice as harsh criticism of their persona.


It should come as no surprise that Aries-born individuals can be incredibly impulsive, both in their day-to-day lives and their romantic relationships.

Arieses aren’t known for thinking their actions through or considering how their actions might impact others; they act, often with the unshakable confidence that they’ll figure everything out along the way.

Bizarrely, it does seem to work most of the time, as Arians practically embody the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” but this impulsivity can hurt others considerably, and Aries-born individuals aren’t good at noticing this.

People often get into romantic relationships because they’re looking for a certain level of stability and reliability, and Aries-born individuals make it pretty hard to get it.

Sure, it’s not impossible to keep Arieses from making impulsive, sometimes stupid decisions, but in the time it takes for Aries to realize that yes, actions have consequences, it’s very easy for their partners and their relationship to suffer.

Dating an Aries is like an amusement park ride. It can be an amazing experience that you keep going back to over and over again, but you must be prepared for it.

Otherwise, it can be disorienting and, frankly? A little scary.

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