Determined, confident, stubborn, optimistic, passionate. It’s no secret that Aries tends to have an all or nothing approach to life and relationships.

They’re passionate people, always looking to pursue new things and new adventures, without neglecting the things and those they care about.

Because of this, Aries-born individuals can be fantastic partners, using their innate passion to take their romantic relationships to a whole new level.

So what characteristics make Arieses such fiery partners:


Here’s how and why these attributes can make Aries a wonderful lover.

Aries Zodiac Sign


Anyone who has ever met an Aries can tell you; they’re one stubborn bunch. They see something they want, and they move mountains to get it, even if everyone in their lives thinks they should be pursuing something else.

In relationships, this goes double. It’s not easy for Aries to find someone they want, but when they do, they pull out all the stops, eager to charm those they set their eyes on.

Though Aries isn’t a patient sign, they are a determined one, and they thrive on challenges, which means that, like a ram, they’ll try and try and try again until they’ve achieved in conquering the person they want – at least until they lose interest.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more confident sign than Aries.

They’re outspoken, honest in the way they present themselves, unique, and they often lack any real concern for other people’s negative opinions.

While their confidence can rub some people the wrong way, it’s a magnet for others who can’t help but look up at Aries men and women and their apparent ability to shine no matter where they go.

In a relationship, this confidence has the potential to encourage more insecure partners, as they’ll feel their Aries lover will always protect them and have their back.

Because of this, Aries-born males are highly sought after partners, but Aries-born females aren’t far behind:

While some men are undoubtedly intimidated by their confidence, Aries women can be the ideal partner for men who want to be desired rather than needed.


Arieses tend to commit to their interests fully, and that certainly extends to their relationships, where they’ll always be trying to one-up themselves in displays of love and affection.

These displays may not always be conventional, but they’re still heartfelt; Aries individuals often don’t know how to be discrete, so you can be sure you’ll get the full brunt of their affection.

That said, if they don’t see the same passion directed back at them, they’re likely to lose interest, or at the very least, take it personally.


With confidence and passion comes enthusiasm. Aries is always eager to try something new, and if that extends to their relationship, the better.

If they’re not the first to sign up for a unique date, they’ll undoubtedly be on board once their partner shares the idea; If faced with a challenge in the relationship, they’ll tackle it head-on instead of avoiding it.

An Aries’ enthusiasm can, at times, be overwhelming, but if their partner is another passionate fire sign, you’ll hardly find a dull moment in the relationship.


Aries-born are often honest to a fault, sometimes even to the point of insult, which can be a problem at times, but a boon at others.

After all, when it comes to this fiery sign, what you see is what you get.

You’ll never catch an Aries trying to pretend something they’re not, nor you’ll see them lie about themselves just to attract others; As they see it, their ideal partners must like them just the way they are, so there’s no need to pretend.

Because of this, Aries individuals are the perfect partners for those who want a relationship free of guess-work.


Arieses love challenges, and, because of this, they’re well equipped to deal with frustration and difficulties.

Though they’re not the most patient sign out there, Aries-born individuals know that sometimes you’ll have to try many times to achieve your goals and that knowledge lets them carry on with seemingly endless enthusiasm.

This is a fantastic characteristic in a relationship, as whenever things get hard, Aries isn’t likely to bail out. Instead, they’ll fight to save what they consider valuable, ensuring long-lasting relationships if their partner is willing to fight as well.

Dating an Aries can be a bit like a rollercoaster: sometimes things might be moving very fast, and sometimes it might even be a little scary, but it’s never dull.

Passionate signs like Aries have a reputation for being flighty and quickly bored, but we’ve found that’s not the case.

Yes, Aries-born may bail out of a relationship without passion, but relationships are a two-way street, and you can bet Aries will always try to fight for what they want before giving it up.

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