As one of the fiery fire signs out there, any relationship with an Aries will be full of passion, energy, and a constant desire to try new things, which can be a good or a bad thing, depending on who you ask.

A relationship with an Aries can be exciting or exhausting; it can be passionate or tempestuous; it can be full of easy communication or can be too confrontative.

It all depends on your taste.

Arians, in general, tend to present themselves exactly as they are, which means that it’s easy to figure out what signs are compatible with them and which ones aren’t.

When it comes to relationships, these are the signs Aries is most compatible with:


gemini zodiac sign

Aries and Gemini can connect both on a physical and an intellectual level.

Both signs are active, adventurous, and optimistic, always looking for the next fun activity and tirelessly pursuing the things that make them tick.

Though it might seem as counterproductive, what makes Aries and Geminis really stand out as a couple is their differences.

Since both signs appreciate communication, they’ll be able to complement each other’s weaknesses with strengths, resulting in one of the most dynamic partnerships out there.

Geminis can be indecisive, Aries will be happy to make choices for them.

Aries can be painfully blunt, Geminis knows how to soften the blows to avoid insulting others.

Geminis don’t appreciate being forced to do things, Arians can be forceful, but they treasure independence, so they’ll understand.

An Aries and Geminis pairing has the potential to take over the world, but their personalities can clash tremendously if both partners aren’t careful; clear and constant communication is crucial for this type of relationship to work.

Without it, differences will win out, and both signs will feel smothered and unhappy.

If Aries and Gemini manage to settle their differences and find a balance between them, then it’s game over for all other couples. Once pieces fall together, these two can make relationships look like a walk in the park, seamlessly bringing out the best in each other.


sagittarius zodiac sign

Courageous, diligent, passionate, and spontaneous. A Sagittarius and Aries couple can lead a torrid affair without even trying to.

They both crave new experiences, are perfectly comfortable initiating things, and have plenty of energy, which means these two will never run out of things to do.

Both signs are also straightforward, independent, and voluble, which could be a problem, except both signs can keep the other entertained and wanting more.

Because they match each other so well and tend to respect each other’s need for independence, power struggles are rare, though not unheard of.

An Aries and Sagittarius couple can be a match made in heaven, provided, of course, both partners are willing to put in the work.

Granted, that can be said for most couples, but it’s particularly relevant for these two signs because they’re similar in both the good and the bad sense, which means a perfect relationship can sour without them even noticing it.


leo zodiac sign

Though it doesn’t happen in nature, you’d be amazed just how well the ram and the lion can complement each other.

These fire signs enjoy competition, physical activities, and standing out from everyone else.

You’d think with egos so big there’d be no chance for these signs to coexist, but once they reach a balance, the relationship will be full of love and admiration.

Impatient, proud, dominant, passionate, and sometimes downright aggressive. This is the odd couple who turn anything into a friendly competition and enjoy themselves twice as much because of it.

Understanding is easy between these two. They think similarly and tend to react to challenges and problems the same way, going full out and never backing down.

While this can be a problem if both partners compete for the same things, it can be a fantastic attribute if they pour their passions and drives into different activities.

This way, both parties can excel at what they do, then turn around, look how amazing their loved one is in their particular activity, and then show off what a fantastic partner they have.

Working in tandem, an Aries and Leo couple can strike terror in the hearts of their enemies. No challenge is too big; no problem is too bad.

They’ll take whatever the world throws their way and eat it for breakfast, admiring each other’s strength and resilience the entire time.

Dating an Aries is not for the faint of heart, but it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for those who know jus how much this sign brings to the table.

Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius can not only withstand the intensity of Aries’s passion, but they can help channel it into something better, which makes them ideal partners for this fiery sign.

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