Born between January 21 and February 19, Aquarians are known for being analytical, objective, disruptive, unconventional, and witty.

Because of their fierce independence and desire to do things their way, many think Aquarians aren’t particularly compatible with other zodiac signs or aren’t skilled at love and relationships, but the truth is entirely different.

Aquarians love deeply, but they do it in a way that others might not identify at first.

Yes, Aquarius can indeed be emotionally aloof sometimes, sometimes downright cold, but when Aquarius loves they’re willing to put a lot of time and attention into their partners, they’re just going to do it their way.

An Aquarian in love is:

Loyal & Self Sacrificing
Accepting & Objective
Not Overtly Emotional

While some of those characteristics might not seem positive at first, the truth is that all of them can play to Aquarius’ strengths.

Aquarius zodiac sign


Aquarians have no time for the mundane, and that goes twice when it comes to being with someone.

They’re not satisfied with hand-holding, going to a restaurant, or saying, “I love you.” They want to show their affection in unique and innovative ways.

A movie night? Forget it, Aquarius may try to plan a night watching constellations, visiting a pet shelter, a date at a library, or something both unique and stimulating.

Though it may make people unsure of what to expect, Aquarius isn’t satisfied with traditional dates, and they don’t see why their loved ones should be either.

Loyal & Self Sacrifying.

Loyalty is essential for Aquarius, but just like in dates, it’s important to remember that Aquarians tend to have their own concept of how things ought to work.

They have their own code of conduct, and they adhere quite strictly to it but said code of conduct might not necessarily match their partner’s.

Still, when an Aquarian is in love, they’ll be with their loved ones through thick and thin, facing every adversity and even putting themselves and their happiness at risk if that means their significant other being happy.

The catch?

They might still refuse to say “I love you” or vocalize their emotions. Actions count for much more than words as far as Aquarians are concerned, and they’ll expect their actions to be noticed.

Accepting & Objective

Because Aquarians like to march to the beat of their own drum, they tend to be reasonably tolerant of their partner’s quirks.

No matter how weird their significant other, Aquarians are happy to love them and accept them just like they are, warts and all; as long of course, as their loved ones are just as accepting.

While there’s always a risk of blind acceptance, Aquarians are reasonably good at avoiding this. Their natural aloofness keeps them self-aware and objective enough, and they’ll be able to tell when their partner’s quirks are actually self-destructive habits.

This objectivity helps them be reliable partners, as it allows them to accept their partners entirely without being blind to their defects, a trait many zodiac signs would love to have.

Not Overtly Emotional

While it’s a common belief that relationships are all about passion and emotion and that indeed tends to be the case for some zodiac signs, Aquarians like to take things easier, and prefer a more tempered kind of love over blind passion.

Because of this, they’re not particularly jealous or prone to intense bouts of emotions. Relationships for them aren’t all-consuming fire, but a calm walk in the park, enjoying the company of the people you love.

While this might sound boring to some, it’s actually a fantastic trait in a partner, as explosive jealousy, petty arguments, and pointless fights are less likely to happen when your partner is willing to take things easy.

While some people mistake this trait as coldness, the truth is that it’s always good to have someone keep their head on their shoulders.

In Short

Aquarians are far from the most passionate and emotional signs out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of love and tenderness.

They show their love in unexpected ways, and though they might not vocalize it often, the truth is that they’re always doing things to show that they care.

Though some of the most passionate zodiac signs out there might regard Aquarians as aloof and disinterested, the truth is different; Aquarians value independence, peace, and pragmatism, so the idea of dating someone who will complicate things just to “keep things interesting” is likely to send them running to the hills.

The creativity, objectivity, and stability Aquarians can bring to a relationship by merely being themselves are conducive to long-term bonds and even marriages. Still, if you’re thinking about marrying an Aquarius, you better remember than they love being unique, so they might throw you a curveball here and there.

Relationships with an Aquarius can be pretty rewarding, but both partners have to work for it.

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