Let’s not mince words. Aquarians are hard to date.

They’re fiercely independent, consistently cerebral, spontaneous, and kind of aloof.

They tend to pursue their passions and interests with no regard for others, which isn’t exactly a good trait in a romantic partner.

However, there’s no such thing as an unlovable sign, and the same traits that make Aquarius an unappealing partner for some, are what makes them irresistible for others.

Yes, there are zodiac signs for whom Aquarius’s ever-changing interests and need for privacy are a boom, signs that share the same need for new adventures, and who don’t want to be tied up in a traditional relationship.

These are the three zodiac signs most compatible with Aquarius:

Aquarius & Sagittarius

sagittarius zodiac sign

Aquarius and Sagittarius are very similar, though they do have their differences, the biggest of them being both sign’s insistence on being free to act on their desires.

It takes one to know one, they say, and since both signs tend to feel like relationships can be restrictive at times, and might understand the allure of leaving even if they choose not to, it’s common for them to assume the other person feels the same.

If they manage to overcome this hurdle, though, there will be little an Aquarius and Sagittarius couple can’t face together.

What makes this pair so successful is that, at their core, both signs will understand each other. They’re both rational, fast-thinking, passionate about the activities they love and interested in out of the ordinary ventures, which means they won’t crowd each other when they’re pursuing their interests.

They get it.

Because they tend to be thinkers, rather than feelers, chances are they won’t be the most emotionally expressive couple out there, but that doesn’t mean the emotions aren’t there.

Their ability to communicate rationally will help them understand that, even though there might not be raining “I love yous,” they still care about each other fiercely, and they’ll find ways to demonstrate it.

Aquarius and Leo

leo zodiac sign

This union is creative and inspired.

An Aquarius and Leo match will often boost each other up, they’ll challenge each other to be better, and they’ll encourage their partner to chase after their dreams.

They just need to learn how to get over their egos.

Both Leo and Aquarius see themselves as the hero. As someone who can and will change the world.

If they have the same goals in mind, then there’s an excellent chance they’ll achieve them by working together; If they have different goals in mind or the same, but they want to compete against each other, chances are they’ll fail.

As long as these two signs work together and support each other without letting their egos get the best of them, they’ll achieve the impossible, and no challenge will manage to stand on their way.

As far as romance goes, Leo is precisely what Aquarius is looking for, even if Aquarius isn’t aware of it.

Leos can be incredibly romantic and passionate, but they do it in a way that doesn’t feel crowding or overbearing.

This means Aquarius will feel the love and will come to treasure it, but more importantly, they’ll feel the need to show their love back, not as an obligation, but instead, because they feel so cherished, they want their partner to feel the same.

Leos are one of the few signs capable of breaking Aquarius out of their reserved shells, and this characteristic, more than anything else, is what makes them a great match.

Aquarius and Gemini

gemini zodiac sign

A relationship between Aquarius and Geminis can better be described as an adventure, where both partners get to experience new things, while still having something familiar to go back to.

Geminis need someone who doesn’t bore them and doesn’t make them feel inhibited; Aquarius needs someone to understand their need for excitement and someone who won’t restrain them.

It’s a relationship that will work remarkably well, provided they both manage to tamper their most impulsive attitudes and find a way to compromise their desires in life with what they look in a relationship.

The only disadvantage of this union is that both Aquarius and Geminis are thinkers rather than feelers. They tend to act more rationally than emotionally, and while this sounds good at first, there’s always the possibility that they’ll fall into a passionless relationship.

A healthy relationship, no doubt, but one that can become boring and predictable if both parties don’t make an effort to be more romantic.

If your sign isn’t compatible with Aquarius, don’t fret. Relationships are a team effort, and they’re not wholly dictated by whether or not you’re a specific zodiac sign.

As long as you know how to communicate with your significant other, and you’re willing to work through difficult times, you’ll be on your way to a healthy and rewarding relationship.

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