7 Best Jobs for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

7 Best Jobs for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

  • January 27, 2021

Scorpio is considered to have an intensity that is unmatched by any other zodiac sign. This water sign tends to be fascinated by the world around them. Natives of this zodiac have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They are considered to be rather secretive. Another distinctive trait of Scorpios is their warm hearts.

They, however have done a good job of shielding it from externalities by developing an almost aloof appearance. This allows them to easily dissociate themselves from situations as needed. Although they are highly likeable, it is not easy to get close to them emotionally unless they deem it fit.

The secretive and intense nature of a Scorpio makes them ideal candidates for careers that require discretion. Let’s take closer look at the top career options for Scorpios shall we?

scorpio zodiac sign

7 Best Jobs for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

#1. Researcher

A career as a researcher speaks to the inner explorer of every Scorpio. Natives of this sign tend to be curious about almost anything. They have hardly met a challenge that they are not excited to take on.

Finding solutions to complex situations is a source of joy and satisfaction to Scorpios. To dedicate one’s life to a career in research requires one to be passionate about their work. The intensity and passion that Scorpios attach to their work sees them push beyond any barriers that may arise in order to achieve the intended goal.

#2. Investigator

Whether on a private or public capacity, Scorpios have the right mix of personality traits to see them excel in a career as a detective. Scorpios are likely to treat this career as a giant puzzle piece. They will follow the various clues that will enable them to solve a case with unmatched determination.

This career choice allows them to put their curiosity and people skills to the test. Their ability to shield their fragile interior from the horrors they are bound to witness in this line of work adds to the list of traits that make Scorpios ideal for this line of work.

#3. Medical Examiner

Just like a researcher, a medical examiner needs to be passionate about what they do. One also needs to be able to connect to a particular plight on an emotional level. On the other hand, one also needs to be able to keep the horrors of work at work and not carry them into other parts of their life.

Scorpios are therefore excellent candidates for the job. They are capable of taking the complexities that come with the job and turning them into fuel for their quest for knowledge and general exploration of the matter. They also know better than to drag that which happens at work into their day to day lives off the clock.

#4. Psychologist

Scorpios tend to be predisposed to successfully tackling the labyrinth that is the human emotional and mental state of mind. They spend their lives learning how to compartmentalize different parts of their lives. They are skilled at the art of protecting the most vulnerable pieces of themselves.

This practice makes it easy for them to spot the patterns involved in building walls in order to keep from dealing with unwanted or complex emotions. It also makes them, with a bit of training, well equipped to cut through this walls. Scorpios are also the most secretive of the zodiac signs. This comes in handy in ensuring confidentiality of anything pertaining to any of their clients.

#5. Sex Therapist

We have already mentioned that Scorpios are fazed by very little in life right? Well, members of this zodiac sign do not shy away from any topic including that of sex. Conversations about sex have for a long time been considered taboo in a majority of communities and cultures the world over.

Scorpios curiosity and quest for knowledge enables them to break through the air of secrecy that shrouds this topic to discover the wonders that lie within. They are in no way shy when it comes to sharing their findings with others. It also helps that they have a way with people otherwise discussing matters sex with utter strangers can tend to be an awkward experience.

#6. Social Worker

A career as a social worker opens you up to the horrors and suffering that come with the plights of various groups of people within the society. It is important that you are able to detach yourself from the experiences you encounter at work during your personal time. A Scorpio’s ability to do so makes him or her uniquely adapted to working in this field.

#7. Fertility Specialist

Scorpios don’t just love giving advice on how to achieve maximum satisfaction from sex, they are fascinated about the role of sexing the creation of life. The whole cycle of life is something that they hold dear. Scorpios will dedicate themselves to solving fertility issues for their clients.

Scorpios are versatile and unique. Any career path that requires confidentiality and evokes their curiosity is bound to be a good fit. Did we get it right? Is there a career choice we are missing? Get in touch and let us know about it.

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  • Leos can match Scorpio’s intensity any day.

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