Sagittarius are the explorers of the zodiac family. Individuals born under this fire sign are known for their enthusiasm, optimism, love for adventure, insatiable quest for knowledge, creativity and expressive nature.

They derive joy from visiting new places, whether physically or in the form of books, and experiencing and learning from different cultures and religious beliefs. Sagittarius are always looking for spiritual enlightenment as well as other ways to improve themselves and those around them.

Ideal careers for this zodiac are those that allow its members the freedom to travel and explore. They also thrive in careers that allow for expressiveness that eventually impacts others positively. Here are some of the top career options for this zodiac sign

sagittarius zodiac sign

7 Best Jobs for Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

#1. Writer

As a lover of books, it only makes sense that Sagittarius will want to express themselves in form of writing. Their deep knowledge on a host of topics as well as their creativity is a recipe for the perfect story. Writing as a form of expression is not only confined in the writing of books.

Sagittarius can express their writing prowess through poetry, journalism, as well as blogging. This career is a good fit for this zodiac as it allows for the gathering of knowledge from far and wide and the sharing of this knowledge with others.

#2. Teacher

Whether imparting knowledge on a tertiary education level or on a basic education level, Sagittarius make for excellent teachers. Their enthusiasm about their subject matters is infectious. Their optimism gives them the ability to motivate their students to navigate even the most difficult of topics.

Sagittarius love working with and learning from people. A career in teaching allows them to meet a myriad of personalities and learn a thing or two from them.

#3. Biological Sciences

Working with the biological sciences field allows Sagittarius to explore and learn more about nature and the different elements that make up any given ecosystem.

What’s more, it offers one a chance to travel through space and time in an attempt to learn more about any given species. The ability to travel and increase one’s knowledgebase presented by a career in this field makes it a fitting choice for the adventurous Sagittarius.

#4. Performance Arts

The arts area tool of expression, learning, a means to interact with others on an emotional and spiritual level as well as an opportunity to travel. The adventurous nature of Sagittarius as well as their love for creative freedom will see them be right at home in the realm of performance arts. Careers such as acting, dancing, music and acrobatics allow natives of this zodiac the ability to learn, express themselves and connect and interact with others on multiple levels.

#5. Sales and Marketing

While there are those that might find this to be a dull career, Sagittarius are bound to not only find it to be an enjoyable option but a fulfilling one as well. The possibilities of travel and interacting with different people is one that is rather attractive to members of this zodiac. While these possibilities intrigue Sagittarius, it is their easy-going personality that allows them to be successful in this field.

#6. Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is a dynamic and engaging one. It is therefore suitable for the energetic and optimistic Sagittarius. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly interacting with others and gaining knowledge in your field of choice. Travel is also an important factor in this line of work.

The various processes that are constantly and often simultaneously at play when it comes to ensuring the success of a business are bound to keep the curious mind of natives of Sagittarius occupied and intrigued. A career as an entrepreneur is particularly fulfilling for this zodiac sign if it allows Sagittarius an opportunity to better the lives of those around them, more so the lives of those that have supported them through the process of establishing their business.

#7. Tourism and Hospitality

A career in the tourism and hospitality industry is one that almost always comes with the ability to travel and explore new surroundings. Interactions with people from different parts of the world introduce those working within this industry to the various cultural and religious beliefs and practices that are observed around the world. Sagittarius would be right at home in this industry for obvious reasons.

Natives of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are adventurous and easy going. They are open to new experiences and adapt easily to their surroundings. This makes them rather flexible career wise. As long as they are allowed a level of autonomy in their creative expression and the room to adequately express themselves, they are happy regardless of the career. Desk jobs or jobs with a fixed routine are therefore not a good fit for this group of people.

Are you a Sagittarius? What career choices have been most satisfactory to you?

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