7 Best Jobs for Pisces Zodiac Sign

7 Best Jobs for Pisces Zodiac Sign

  • February 16, 2021

Natives of the Pisces zodiac sign are not designed for work under highly competitive and often stressful conditions. These individuals prefer a career setting where they get the chance to be helpful to others, exercise their creative freedom as well as occasionally escape the doom and gloom that is reality.

Pisces are best characterized as being passionate, empathetic, optimistic, artistic, and intuitive. Their ability to connect with people on an emotional level makes them ideal candidates for a number of service and care oriented careers. Let’s take a look at some of the top career choices for this water sign shall we?

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7 Best Jobs for Pisces Zodiac Sign

#1. Care giver

Working with the elderly, children and the sick is almost like a calling to members of this zodiac sign. Their empathetic and passionate nature makes them uniquely qualified for this career choice.

Often, the elderly and the sick lack people to genuinely care for them and show them the gentleness and affection that they deserve. Pisces therefore derive great pleasure and satisfaction in helping these vulnerable members of society. Their empathetic nature allows them to bond deeply with those they care for while their intuitive nature allows them to know the needs of those under their care just as they need them.

#2. Early Childhood Education

Working with children is a sanctuary of sorts for Pisces. The environment necessary for a child’s effective learning and development is more forgiving than that in the corporate world.

Here, Pisces have the much-needed space and calmness to bond with their students. It is also a chance to escape the realities of the outside world and immerse themselves into the imaginative world of children. Working with children is a dynamic career as no child is the same and no day is similar to the next. This dynamism helps Pisces escape the boredom of most professions.

#3. Acting

What better ways to escape reality and live in a fantasy world than acting. As an actor, you get to reinvent yourself with each role. You get to push the boundaries of your creativity.

Acting is also a great way for Pisces to use their passionate and empathetic side to connect with their audience. They are also able to connect with the various emotions of the characters they play. This is perhaps the key to their stellar performances.

#4. Writer

Pisces are known for their tendency to zone out of reality and get lost in one daydream or the other. Their creativity allows them to create fantastic scenarios full of wonder and adventures. Writing is therefore a befitting career for this zodiac sign.

It allows Pisces to share their day dreams with the world. The working environment a writer is often inspiring rather than stressful. Since writer often require peaceful spaces, this career provides the perfect work environment for the shy Pisces to thrive.

#5. Social worker

The role of a social worker in helping build a better society is one that requires empathy. The empathetic nature of Pisces allows them to connect with the people whose cases they are involved in on an emotional level.

An understanding of the pain and desperation often attached to these cases works to fuel the determination of Pisces to be of help. The knowledge that they work they put into their cases will eventually lead to the betterment of someone else’s life is more satisfactory to a Pisces than the financial gain.

#6. Recruiter

Job seeking can be a tedious and heart breaking task. After facing numerous rejections, a majority of job seekers are often physically, emotionally and mentally drained. The upside of having a Pisces as a recruiter is that you get to benefit from their empathetic and intuitive nature.

Pisces will sympathize with your struggle as a job seeker making them determined to land you a job that is compatible with your personality. Their intuition is therefore important in making sure the latter comes to pass. Again, Pisces love to help. Seeing you land the perfect job will go down as a win in any Pisces book.

#7. Creative Arts

Creativity comes naturally to individuals born under this zodiac. Pisces are able to play with materials, spaces, colours, sounds, light, and flavours to evoke a host of emotions from their audiences. The expressive freedom that comes with various careers in this field is another factor that allows Pisces to shine.

To them art is as much a means of communication as it is an escape from reality. It is, therefore, no surprise that natives of this zodiac sign will tend to excel in painting, design, music, sculpting, photography, and mixology. 


For natives of the Pisces zodiac to really thrive, they require dynamic work environments that allow them to express their creativity. Routine is not something that sits well with members of this zodiac sign.

They draw a sense of fulfilment in helping others. However, Pisces should be careful not to overstretch themselves in their bid to help others.

We know that this list is not conclusive and does not apply to all Pisces. If we have omitted a top career choice for this zodiac sign, feel free to let us know about it.

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