7 Best Jobs for Leo Zodiac Sign

7 Best Jobs for Leo Zodiac Sign

  • February 8, 2021

Meet the royalty of the zodiacs. Those born under this zodiac sign have a fiery spirit that is rather befitting seeing that this is indeed a sun sign. Leadership comes easily and naturally to them. They are also known for their love of recognition and the limelight in general, their attraction towards money, luxurious items and power.

Money to a Leo is simply a tool that helps to further their ambition of dining with the rich and famous. They are an ambitious, creative, independent, often indiscipline, strong, and perseverant people.  Given these traits, Leos are likely to succeed in careers that have a proven growth trajectory as well as those that entail leadership and flexibility in decision making.

7 Best Jobs for Leo Zodiac Sign

#1. Advertising

The advertising world is a highly competitive one as the players in the industry are primarily competing for the attention of human beings. As such one needs to be persistent, highly creative and ready to take charge of situations as they come. A successful advertising campaign will tend to draw attention and accolades to the power house behind it.

The creativity, leadership skills, affinity for the limelight, commendable interpersonal skills and the ambition housed by Leos is just the right mix of character traits needed for a shot at success in this field.

#2. Politician

Navigating in the world of politics is something that comes easily for Leos. Their charismatic nature makes them loveable, approachable and relatable. Their courage and ambition makes them ideal to navigate the murky waters that are inevitable in the political world. These traits coupled with their ferocity when it comes to leadership allows them get the attention of the right people.

This is also important as it helps them come off as strong leaders to their subjects.

The world of politics offers a myriad of opportunities and come with an incredible amount of power attached to it, a career trait that is attractive to a Leo.

#3. Graphic Designer

As a creative, you have a relative amount of independence and control over your work. It is your task to take the needs of your clients and attach your own creative genius to it in order to come up with optics that are relatable by the larger population.

This is a career choice that allows Leos to combine their creative freedom with their ability to read and relate people for financial gain. Let’s not forget the praise and recognition that they are bound to receive for their creative genius!

#4. Law

A career in law is a seductive option to a Leo. Whether working as a lawyer, magistrate or a judge, a Leo will have some level of power in determining the outcome of the situations presented before them. These careers not only hold power but are lucrative as well. The charm and charismatic nature of a Leo comes in handy when stating one’s case or tabling their arguments.

While they are known to bend a few rules and slightly colour a few truths in order to arrive at an outcome that is in their favour, Leos have a deep appreciation for the law. Working towards ensuring that it is upheld will not only act as a public win but a personal one as well.

#5. Corporate Executive

Leos will tend to excel in positions of power and decision making regardless of the field. Be it a business executive, or a marketing one, Leos will shine. Such position gives them, to a larger extent, the decision making independence that they actively seek out. They are also lucrative options that give them a platform from which to rise within the corporate and social spheres.

#6. Acting

A career as an actor or actress requires one to be confident, charismatic and have the ability to hobnob as needed. Leos thrive in this industry due to their charisma and charm. Their creativity is also a major plus for them.

Actors have the chance to interact with the ‘who is who’ of society. So, what better career for a Leo than one that combines a good pay check, fame and the prospects of gaining power.

#7. Disc Jockey

A career as a DJ is almost too perfect for Leos. They get to be their own boss in terms of schedules, type of the event they want to play in, exercise their creative genius, and tap into their playful, mischievous side. The beauty about this career choice for a Leo, is that there is no shelf life. They can keep doing what they do best until they deem it fit to stop.


The fiery spirit of Leos is one that causes all those around to be drawn to them. Their fierce leadership and ambition pushes them to success, while their playful nature and their charisma allows them to easily relate to all those around them.

What other careers are working for Leos out there? Feel free to get in touch and let us know.

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