7 Best Jobs for Cancer Zodiac Sign

7 Best Jobs for Cancer Zodiac Sign

  • February 2, 2021

If you are born under the Cancer zodiac sign then you have an innate mothering ability. Individuals born under this water sign are known to be emotionally sensitive, loyal, sympathetic, protective, sentimental and compassionate. They like to have an impact in the lives of those around them and derive great joy in taking care of others.

Their emotional sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse. It allows Cancer born individuals to relate to others on an emotional level. It also keeps them performing at their best should they find themselves in an emotionally stressful situation.

For a Cancer, an occupation that allows one to care for others or requires emotional sensitivity is ideal. Their sentimentalism also makes careers that deal with things of the past an ideal fit for them. Shall we take a closer look at the top picks for this zodiac sign?

cancer zodiac sign

7 Best Jobs for Cancer Zodiac Sign

#1. Paediatrician

The innate nurturing capabilities of a Cancer make this career choice ideal. The love for taking care of others shown by this zodiac sign is expressed when handling patients. Cancer born individuals have the ability to form ‘mother-like’ connections with their patients due to their emotional sensitivity. They are able to comfort their patients and handle them with the appropriate amount of delicateness. This is also a career choice that allows this zodiac to have direct positive impact.

#2. Nutritionist

As a nutritionist, the health and general wellness of your clients is of at most importance. Your work has a direct and often long term impact on those that you encounter. You need to connect with your client and understand their peculiar needs in order to tailor your services to fit these needs. A Cancer born individual is therefore right at home in this profession.

#3. Historian

A person born under this water sign is often sentimental. They like to discover the past and often hold onto it. This quality makes them appreciative of antique items. They appreciate the importance of the past in forging the future.

It is therefore no wonder that they are inclined towards careers that entail the collection and preservation of historical items. They take pride in the fact that their good memory and appreciation for the past has an impact in the lives of those living in the present.

#4. Music

Whether as a composer or a performer, Cancer born individuals are bound to be right at home in the world of music. These individuals are appreciative of music as a tool to navigate the complexes presented by our emotions. They carry this appreciation into their works and produce as well as perform music that evokes various emotions in their audiences.

Music is a universal language that has the ability to touch people in the most profound of ways. Cancers, thanks to their sensitivity, will thrive in this field since they not only impact others but derive comfort and refuge from it.

#5. Psychology

The innate need to nurture found within individuals under this zodiac sign is expressed towards self as much as it is expressed towards other people. As a Cancer, you spend large amounts of time trying to understand yourself and the impacts of various situations on your emotional as well as mental wellbeing. You also try to understand ways in which to remedy situations that have a negative impact on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

This in built ability to analyse emotional situations makes you the ideal candidate for a career in psychology. Here, you have the opportunity to truly appeal to and connect with the emotional side of others and make an impact by helping them work through their emotional landmines.

#6. Caterer

Keeping in line with the desire to take care of others, a career in catering is one where this zodiac would thrive. Being around food is a fun and comfortable space for you to be in.

This includes baking. Delicious and healthy treats are your love language. What better way can one show love and care for others than preparing delicious and nutritious meals for them?

#7. Real Estate

Home is where the heart is. Nothing beats coming back to a place that you call home after a long day of work. A Cancer derives joy in making this a reality for others. While this task might prove to be rather tasking, and especially on an emotional level, the satisfaction of seeing your clients find the perfect home is well worth it.


The Cancer zodiac sign, also referred to as the mother of the zodiacs, is one that is known for its compassionate and nurturing nature. Individuals that are native to this sign tend to derive great amounts of comfort in careers that not only allow them to connect with the emotional selves of others but those that allow them to express their own.

What career choice has worked for you so far? It would be great to hear from you.

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