7 Best Jobs for Aries Zodiac Sign

7 Best Jobs for Aries Zodiac Sign

  • February 18, 2021

The Aries zodiac sign is the first of the signs. Individuals born under this fire sign are characterized by their eagerness, competitive spirits and their dynamism. They take on every aspect of life with unmatched enthusiasm, determination and optimism. They have, however, been known to be attention seeking, overly aggressive, and impatient individuals.

Aries born individuals have a combination of traits that allows them to thrive in work environments or careers that are challenging and require a risk it all kind of attitude. Another favourite in terms of career choices would be something that allows others to shower an Aries with praises of their prowess. With that said, let’s take a look at the top seven career choices for our temperamental dare devils shall we!

aries zodiac sign

7 Best Jobs for Aries Zodiac Sign

#1. Entrepreneurship

In order to make it in the world of entrepreneurship, one needs to be a calculated risk taker. Leadership, confidence and determination also have to be engrained in you. This is not a field for the faint hearted. Luckily for Aries born individuals, these are qualities that come naturally to them.

Aries live for the challenge and will go to great lengths to see that their ideas and innovations come to fruition. Their need for recognition cannot allow them to give up. Business requires one to have a fighting spirit and this perfectly describes the general attitude of an Aries.

#2. Sports Personality

There exist endless possibilities for an Aries to thrive in the world of sports. It does not matter whether you are a sports’ narrator, a coach, a sports journalist or an athlete, as long as you are an Aries you are bound to excel in the world of sports.

The energy, enthusiasm, determination and leadership skills housed within an Aries predispose Aries born individual to success in this field. Again, this is a lime light industry and Aries tend to thrive in those.

#3. Producer

The work of a producer is one that comes with pomp and flair as well as its fair share of challenges. Aryans will definitely be at home here. Whether they are producing for the music industry, curating art pieces for art pieces for a gallery, producing for film, or in the fashion industries, Aryans will be able to easily navigate their way.

Challenges within the production space appeal to them and so does the recognition that comes with a successful production. Their energy and dynamism also make them ideal for the creative world. Their leadership skills allow them to thrive here as they are responsible for making the tough calls. These skills also help add a sense of order to the chaos that is the creative world.

#4. Fire Fighting

Fire fighters are some of the bravest individuals. Their job description is heavy laden with dangerous situations that require quick reaction times and on the spot trouble shooting.  They are also some of the most celebrated individuals.

It is easy to see why this would be an ideal fit for an Aryan. Fighting fire with fire is an ideal way to put this career choice. Aryans have a drive to them to see that they succeed at everything that they do which is a literally a lifesaving trait in this career choice.

The challenging situations that fire fighters almost always find themselves in is a genuine attraction for Aryans. Their ability to think fast and their general fast paced nature is also another trait that makes them suitable for this career choice.

#5. Public Relations

To thrive in the public relations space, one needs to be able to draw and retain the attention of their target audience. One also needs to have the ability to make tough on the spot decision in order to ‘manipulate’ the market conditions to achieve a desired outcome.

Aryans’ love for the limelight, their natural leadership as well as their enthusiasm make it easy for them to thrive in the industry. Their love for challenges also makes them ideal candidates for work in the public relations industry.

#6. Emergency Response

To be a successful emergency response personnel, speed is a necessity. Thinking on the spot and quick responses to the emergency at hand is a must. Aries born individuals are known for their speed in reactions, both physical and mental. As such, Aryans would thrive as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) or as ambulance drivers.

#7. Surgeons

To be a surgeon, one is required to have quick reflexes, quick decision making skills and decisive leadership qualities. These are all qualities possessed by Aries born individuals. The work of a surgeon is one that comes with its fair share of challenges. The passionate nature of Aryans makes them suited for this career choice.


The qualities of personalities of individuals born under this fire sign make them suitable for any number of high stakes careers. They are in no way limited to the seven career choices outlined above. Are you an Aryan working in any of the above industries? We would love to know how you are liking your experience.

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