Loyal, patient, laid-back, and self-assured. Taurus has plenty of positive traits that make this sign one of the most reliable out there; However, there’s plenty of bad to balance out the good. After all, there’s no such thing as a perfect person.

Tauruses are often described as stubborn, and with very good reason, as this sign is known for being one of the most, if not the most, obstinate zodiac signs out there. In fact, they’re so tremendously stubborn that most of their negative personality traits come from their inability and general lack of desire to change their minds.

They’re not bad people, and they’re generally willing to go above and beyond to help those they care about, but they’re too set in their ways to tolerate change easily, which extends to every aspect of their lives.

From being completely unwilling to admit they made a mistake to being mediocre or taking people and things for granted, there’s plenty to criticize about Tauruses.

Here are some of the most negative personality traits of Taurus, and how they can hurt them:

#1. They Refuse to Change

Taureans are very independent individuals, and, as such, they tend to like things a certain way. While there’s nothing wrong with this on principle, there’s such thing as taking it too far, and that’s precisely what Taurus does.

Taurus draws comfort from routine and repetition, so the thought of changing things can be a little nerve-wracking, particularly when it comes to changing things for others.

Because of this, getting a Taurus to change their ways is like pulling teeth, and the more you pressure them to change, the harder they dig their heels in.

They don’t do this because they think themselves more important or because they want to be selfish –though the effect is, admittedly, the same. They do it because they tend to feel out of control when things change too quickly for their taste, making them feel insecure and vulnerable.

taurus zodiac sign

#2. They Take People for Granted

As mentioned in the previous point, Taurus tends to get comfort from their routine, which extends to the things they do and the people they interact with.

While they’re perfectly capable of putting effort into maintaining a relationship or friendship, they’re likely to fall into a routine where they take you for granted without putting in the work to keep things interesting.

This negative trait comes from the very Taurus habit of using themselves as a guide for their environment, which means that if they are happy, they tend to assume everyone around them is as well.

Taureans aren’t the most exciting people out there. They’re genuinely happy being couch potatoes with their friends and significant others, but this can be a severe problem when the other person feels like they’re being taken for granted.

#3. They’re Lazy At Heart

You’ll often hear people refer to Taurus as a seeker of carnal pleasure and satisfying experiences, which sounds good, but often boils down to being too enamored with feeling good to care about anything else.

They prefer to have fun, relax and enjoy themselves than working, and they’re likely to overdo it when it comes to food, shopping, gaming, and anything that pleases them.

Taureans love feeling good and tend to find pleasure in relatively sedentary activities, which means that they’re lazy at heart, and there’s very little one can do to change that.

Don’t get us wrong, when Taurus finds something they really want, they’ll work hard to get it, but they’re very conformist with everything else, and it shows.

Their laziness can negatively impact every aspect of their life, so they don’t tend to make an effort to go further. As long as their life is pleasurable enough, they’re perfectly happy to stay where they are.

#4. They’re Repressed

Because they take pleasure in their routines and like their lives a certain way, Taureans tend to avoid drama like the plague.

While this attitude is healthy when under control, Taurus tends to overdo it by acting emotionally closed off and distant, attempting to distance themselves from dramatic situations by merely refusing to feel them.

There’s a certain wise-ness in not engaging with trouble, but there’s such a thing as taking it too far, and that’s precisely what Taurus does.

Their emotional unavailability tends to reflect in a variety of ways: From distant parents, lovers who never feel like they love you quite enough, friends who don’t laugh at your jokes, or people so closed-off you’d swear they’re a robot.

It doesn’t matter the reason or the way it appears; Taurus’ refusal to engage with emotions in an attempt to preserve their peace tends to rub people the wrong way.

#5. They Have One Hell of a Temper

Taureans don’t like it when people mess with their life and react aggressively when their peace is threatened, either by acting defensively or immediately going on the offense.

They also don’t like it when people call them out or shine a light on their negative traits, making them awful at receiving any kind of criticism.

Part of this comes, once again, from their inability to tolerate change, particularly when it comes to changing their blessed routine, but there’s more to it than merely being stubborn.

The truth is that Taureans tend to see themselves as very tolerant and understanding individuals, so when they’re challenged on this assumption, they’re likely to take it as personal attacks.

That, or they’ve already come to the conclusion that they’re not as enlightened as they claim to be and hate it when people point it out because it makes them feel bad about themselves.

#6. They’re Unbelievably Stubborn

You knew it was coming, and here it is. Taurus is the most stubborn sign in the zodiac, and it shows.

No matter how healthy and well-adapted a Taurus is, they’re all stubborn as they come, and though some may deal with the frustration of things not going their way better than others, every single one of them hates it when others oppose them.

For Taurus, it’s their way or the highway, and while this attitude can work wonders when it comes to work and their career –when they actually bother to have one, that is– it’s a big problem in their personal relationships.

Taureans are capable of taking their stubbornness to truly unhealthy levels and might just act against their own best interests as long as they get to feel like they’ve won.

They claim they don’t like drama but aren’t afraid of being the most dramatic individuals out there if it means they’ll get whatever they’ve set their mind onto.

Again, not an entirely negative trait, but one that can quickly get out of control and drive Taurus –and everyone that surrounds them– absolutely bonkers.


Most of Taurus’ negative personality traits stem from their signature stubbornness, which dictates almost every aspect of their life.

They like to have the first and ultimate say in what happens in their life, and while this can be achieved if they lead a mostly solitary lifestyle, it’s an impossibility when it comes to dealing with other people.

Because of their stubbornness, though, compromise is often out of the picture, and Taureans will act however they want regardless. They’ll do the things they want, eat the food they want, watch the shows they want, and won’t take it kindly when people dislike this, sensing it as an attack on their individuality and attempting to change them rather than others wishing to have a say.

Taurus is so set on their ways that, as long as they feel happy, they assume others are happy, which means that they tend to take people for granted and live a conformist lifestyle; Again, not a problem when Taurus lives alone, but a definite issue when it comes to living with others.

Overall, Taurus’ personality flaws boil down to them not knowing how to deal with the fact that people often like different things and won’t be satisfied with doing what Taurus wants to do over and over again.

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