Leos are a force to be reckoned, and one of the most powerful and dynamic signs of the Zodiac.

What a Leo wants, a Leo gets, and while this is undeniably worthy of admiration, it’s also one of the reasons Leos are so full of themselves.

Everyone knows that Leos are a prideful bunch, and while they no doubt have their reasons for being it, that pride can cost them a lot.

That is because being overtly proud is one of Leo’s most defining characteristics, as well as one of their worst personality traits.

Why? Because it leads to even more negative personality traits that, whether Leo is aware of them or not, can negatively impact their lives.

Here are some of the most negative personality traits of Leo, and how they can hurt them:

#1. They’re Headstrong

Though they’re not as known for this as other signs, the truth is that Leo can be stubborn as they come.

Their confidence and self-assuredness make them believe that they’re always alright, so as far as Leo cares, it’s their way or the highway.

While this attitude can lead to many positive things in Leo’s life. After all, who can achieve success without a bit of stubbornness- it can easily hurt Leo by making them push for things that simply don’t benefit them.

In their stubbornness, Leos are likely to ignore good advice or pursue things that are just not good for them, simply because other people tell them they shouldn’t.

Leos should be relentless in pursuing what they want, of course, but they shouldn’t close themselves to other people’s opinions.

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#2. They’re Close-minded

When we say close-minded, we don’t mean they’re stuck in the past or that they hold outdated values.

We mean that they’re not good at considering alternative approaches and tend to tackle new challenges and problems with rigid methods over and over again.

In short, they’re too stubborn to try new things.

They’re a curious bunch, yes, but they’ll only follow their curiosity as far as their ego will permit it.

The same applies to trying new things and pursuing new experiences.

Leos tend to stick very closely to their comfort zones because that’s where they excel, but they’re nowhere near as motivated as trying new things for fear of making a fool of themselves.

#3. They’re Egotistical

Leos have the most inflated ego in the Zodiac, and it shows.

They’re not selfish, as much as they’re just convinced that they’re the best, and because they’re the best, their opinions, choices, and needs should come in first.

They acknowledge that what other people want or need matters; they’re just comfortable ignoring it if it’s something that goes against their plans.

Their enormous egos also make them vulnerable to criticism, though, as we’ve discussed, they don’t actually listen to criticism as much as they just shut themselves against it.

While this is relatively beneficial because they don’t listen to criticism, it can make them come off as childish, immature and can prevent them from benefiting from constructive criticism.

Because Leos have such huge egos, they usually have trouble admitting when they’ve made mistakes or when they’re in the wrong.

Surprising no one, they’re also sore losers.

#4. Leos are Jealous

Leos are jealous in a very specific, and relatively funny way.

It’s not that they’re insecure. They know what they’re worth, and they’re not going to chase after someone who doesn’t consider them as valuable as they are.

They don’t need anyone for validation, so they’re not jealous when their partner pays attention to other people.

They get jealous when their partner doesn’t pay enough attention to them.

Leos love being in the spotlight, and that goes double for when it comes to love, so while they don’t mind if their partners have friends of the opposite sex, they sure mind if their partner doesn’t put Leo on a pedestal.

Treat Leo as the most important person in your life, and you won’t have to worry about jealousy. Make them feel like they’re sharing the spotlight with someone, and you’ll have a jealous Leo in your hands.

#5. They’re Arrogant

Leos think so highly of themselves they can’t help but be arrogant. It’s practically in their blood.

Because they think they’re so much better than everyone else, and because they’re convinced that no one is as good, they simply see no point in humility.

They know they’re talented, and they’ll make damn well sure the rest of the world knows it.

While being proud of one’s success and abilities is certainly a good thing, there’s such thing as taking it too far, and that’s what Leo specializes in, which can bring them both social and personal troubles in the long run.

Social, because people get tired of arrogance after a while and might get tired of hanging out with Leo altogether, and personal because all that arrogance will eventually come back to bite them on the ass.

As we mentioned in a previous point, when they’re blinded by arrogance, Leos might fail to learn valuable lessons, perceive threats to their objectives, or won’t see that there’s plenty of room to improve themselves.

It’s alright to be proud of oneself, as long as that pride doesn’t lead you to sleep on your laurels.

#6. They’re Tyrants

It has to be said.

Since Leos think they’re more skilled, more intelligent, and just plain better than their peers, they tend to want to take the lead of any and all activities involving them.

Even when they’re being nice and letting someone else choose for a change, they’ll do so in a way that allows them to be in charge of the activities.

Leos like to rule, and while that has the potential of making them great leaders, it’s not a certainty.

For a Leo to be a good leader, they need to understand that everyone’s contribution is essential and that a leader must lead through example and be an inspiration to those that follow them.

Many Leos excel on that aspect, while others foolishly think that swinging their weight around and acting dominant is enough to establish themselves as a leader.

A Leo that doesn’t know how to lead can quickly become entitled and intolerable. The kind of person people avoids on principle, simply because they can’t stand being near them.

Not only that, but a Leo that tries to establish their authority without having one, or without knowing how to do it, can quickly become everyone’s laughingstock, and there’s nothing Leo hates more than being made fun of.


Every single one of Leo’s negative traits can be traced back to their inflated self-worth.

Since their ego is simply massive, Leos tend to give themselves, and everything about them, too much importance, particularly when taken into context.

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with thinking highly of oneself, but Leos tend to take it a step too far by thinking highly of themselves and thinking too little of others.

Likewise, they’re confident in their skills, and their abilities to the point that they often don’t see their own shortcomings, or at the very least, aren’t willing to admit them.

It’s the same case when it comes to personal and romantic relationships. They’re the most important persons in their lives, so they’re often wrongfooted when they realize they’re not the most important person in everyone’s life.

Their pride surrounds them like a bright halo, giving them the confidence to go after anything they want, but it also blinds them of their shortcomings and prevents them from seeing obvious obstacles of problems everyone else saw coming miles before.

Mature, well-balanced Leos know how to use their pride to their advantage.

Immature Leos often struggle with out-of-control egos that keep them from growing professionally, socially, and personally, as they’re convinced, they’ve already reached the top.

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