Bold, ambitious, audacious, and confident. Aries have it all.

…or do they?

While it’s true that there are plenty of positive traits that make Aries one of the most magnetic and fun signs in the Zodiac, the truth is that they also have a long list of negative characteristics that you need to watch out for.

The funny thing about Aries is that both their negative and positive traits are two sides of the same coin. You simply can’t have one without having the other.

The stubborn personality that pushes them to chase their goals can easily lead to an uncompromising attitude towards relationships.

Their bold-faced honesty can be charming, or it can be incredibly annoying.

Their endless energy can make them a force of nature, always working towards their goal, or can make them neurotic messes who can’t sit still.

So, when are Aries’ traits good, and when are they bad? We’ve compiled a list of 6 negative Aries traits to figure it out!

#1. They Have Zero Chill

Aries is the quintessential fire sign, and, as such, they’re practically incapable of taking things easy.

They’re easy to anger, combative, stubborn, and prone to explosive reactions, even when they’re in a good mood.

One moment, they can be having the time of their life, laughing and joking, and the next, they’ll be screaming and fighting, having taken offense over the silliest of things.

Arians are experts at blowing things out of proportion, and though it can be quite funny to see, it’s not the kind of thing you want to experience every day.

The worst thing about this is that Aries will go back to normal almost immediately after and will then proceed to act like nothing happened at all. Going as far as acting annoyed when other people react badly to their tantrums.

It’s enough to give anyone whiplash.

#2. They’re Always Restless (And stressed)

Because they have so much pent-up energy, Arians find it very hard to hold still, be it literally or figuratively.

On a physical level, they bounce their legs, grind their teeth, crack their knuckles and fidget relentlessly, which can be both annoying and distracting.

On a mental level, they’re always thinking, always planning, and always trying to ensure things happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

They’re always ready to go, ready to do, ready to perform, which makes it next to impossible for them to just sit down and relax, even when they’re supposed to.

Vacations for Aries tend to consist of a long list of activities, rather than empty periods where they’re supposed to do nothing.

#3. They’re Impatient

Surprising no one, Arians are one of the most impatient signs in the Zodiac, to the point that they’re almost incapable of waiting for things.

They want results as quickly as possible, no matter what, and they’re far more likely to cut corners or come up with strange, innovative solutions than to wait for things to resolve themselves.

This doesn’t sound bad on the surface, but you need to understand that Arians have no limit when it comes to wanting to rush things, so they’re perfectly capable, if not even likely, to take unnecessary risks and endanger others and themselves if it gets getting what they want faster.

This extends even to things where the most comfortable, most straightforward path of action is to wait.

Say you need to get to a destination, but to get there you need to wait for the bus for three hours.

Some signs will love the wait. Others will be annoyed, but they’ll wait patiently.


Aries will be the maniac who insists on walking there.

#4. They’re Very Selfish and Controlling

Aries is obsessed with doing things their way, all the time, every time.

They don’t like compromising and often resent it when they don’t get to do what they want.

While this is rarely a problem for the single Aries, it’s definitely an issue when it comes to relationships, where Aries will have to learn how to compromise if they want the relationship to work at all.

When their partner is just as stubborn and hotheaded, there’s a good chance Aries’s propensity towards selfishness will lead to arguments, though given enough time and effort, both sides of the relationship can learn how to cohabitate.

When Aries’s partner isn’t as strong-willed, however…

Let’s just say it’s not uncommon for Aries to dominate a relationship, so if you want to date one, you need to either stand as equals or be okay with being at their mercy.

#5. They Can’t Read the Room.

Aries-born people are some of the most insensitive personalities in the world, and that’s even when they’re trying their best to be nice.

They’re impulsive, insensitive, and entirely too honest, which means they’re the kind of people for whom brutal honesty just comes naturally.

What’s worse, many Aries see no problem with this.

Aries treasure honesty and straightforwardness, so they’re likely to consider themselves as “people who say it like it is” rather than people who don’t consider the impact of their words carefully.

The good news is that many older Aries grow out of this. The bad news is that they never stop being brutally honest.

The only difference is that the nicer Aries just keep their opinion to themselves until someone is foolish enough to ask.

#6. They Turn Everything into a Competition

There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, that you can do or say that won’t be taken as a challenge to an Aries.

This sign is so fiercely competitive that they’re unable to go a single day without turning something into a competition, even if it’s just to themselves.

While this can be a simple quirk where they attempt to be more productive each day or simply declare themselves “the best dressed in a group,” it can quickly turn into a real annoyance when they insist on involving others.

A simple gaming session amongst friends can turn into Aries mocking you because you’re not a good enough gamer. An innocent comment about how you like a specific person can turn into Aries trying to get their attention just to see if they can.

Even sharing something bad that happened to you can result in Aries talking about something even worse that happened to them, because god forbid someone other than Aries being under the spotlight for a while.

Out of all of Aries’ negative personality traits, this is probably one of the most harmless, yet easily the most annoying. It can be exploited in your favor, though, so it’s not all bad.


Aries is one of the most aggressive and straightforward signs of the Zodiac, and every single one of their personality faults come from this.

They’re impulsive, explosive, impatient, stubborn, insensitive, crass, uncompromising, and just plain weird at times.

They’re the kind of friend who makes you laugh and cringe at the same time. The friend that you have to invite to every party since you know you’ll have fun, but also the kind of friend you’re low-key embarrassed by because you know they’ll put their foot in their mouth sooner rather than later.

They’re not bad people, but they’re too self-absorbed and egotistical to see themselves as others see them and will often walk around with an inflated sense of self that can be both grating and hilarious at the same time.

They’re a bit like a chihuahua, barking at everything and everyone while unaware of their size.

They’re not bad people, though, and their transparentness and simplicity does make them unable to manipulate or pretend to be someone they’re not, which means that, with Aries, what you see is what you get.

An Aries will always show themselves precisely as they are, so if you’re planning to get close to one, make sure you can stand the heat.

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