There are definitely some character traits that will make a person likable while there are others that will make you dread meeting a person. Yes, you read that right. We all prefer certain personalities to others and the Zodiac sign plays a significant role in all this. 

Maybe you’ve tried to get true friendship and it has not been possible so far. You desire to have a confidant, a person who you can trust with your life, one who will not leave you when situations get tough. Good news: You can rely on the zodiac signs to identify the kind of friend you want. When you are already aware of the character traits you expect from a person, it will be possible to avoid betrayal in the future.

Here are the Zodiac signs that give you a good chance of finding trustworthy friends. Don’t waste more time, go out there and find these people. They will make a difference in your social life.


Taurus is pigheaded, which makes it difficult to deal with her. However, she also has great character traits that make her one of the most dependable people to have as a friend. As a friend, Taurus is committed, trustworthy, tolerating and practical in a relationship.

She demonstrates a high sense of responsibility and stability in her interactions and always keeps her word and ensures that she’s present when needed.

When you are with Taurus, you will have a lot of fun. This is because of her creativity and her many talents. She is criticized for her tendency to look after those who need her and labeled as “caring too much” but you’ll appreciate it when you need her support.


Though she can be grumpy and gushy sometimes, Cancer is passionate, and this enables her to offer genuine love in friendship.

She is compassionate during hard times and will fully support you when you need her as she also forms tight and intimate friendships with those who are close to her.

Friends Hiking

She is a faithful friend and you can be guaranteed that she will never expose your secrets to other people. She likes living a quiet and private life enjoying activities like art or share a meal with friends. This means that she is a person you can depend on when you need someone to keep you company and have a good conversation over a meal.


Leo may appear unapproachable and unfriendly. In spite of this, you can form an intense bond with her with you can handle her bold and passionate character.

You will never have a dull moment when you are close to a Leo. Yes, she likes to eat the life with a big spoon. Her positive attitude towards life will rub off on you in a good way.

What’s more, her generosity and kindness make her even more special as a friend. She is always willing to offer solutions to issues including those of her friends. She can never abandon you when you are in need.

Leo also loves to relax by having fun moments with her friends. She is reliable when you need someone to relax and have fun with.


Though you cannot rely on Capricorn to cheer you up most of the times, she is a reliable friend.  She is sensible and realistic while still managing to restrain herself.

She is dependable and disciplined meaning that you can count on her to assist you any time you need help. And what’s better is that you can depend on a Capricorn can guide you in the right direction in life.

Friends on picnic

She may seem like an all-knowing person sometimes but this may be beneficial to you.


Anybody would want to have Pisces as a friend. She is a selfless, and always ready to assist others. As a matter of fact, Pisces is known to establish the most intense bonds compared to all the other signs.

She is a kindhearted, calm, prudent person and will support you any time you need assistance. She makes the most reliable friend out of all other signs. Though she can give a lot of trust than reasonable and appear gloomy sometimes, she always has a clean heart.  She is against ruthlessness and would rather be a kind and affectionate friend.

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