Life’s one of the most intimate experiences is human comfort and love. All couples should strive to be able to snuggle in comfortably with their partners.

Meanwhile, some despise it outright. All they require is their own private space with a clearly defined boundary. Most of the time, they cannot accept anyone entering their bubble.

To summarise, different people react differently to snuggling, cuddling and other expressions of love. A person’s zodiac sign can reveal how they will react to such expressions and if they appreciate it or find it uncomfortable.

Today, we will look at 5 zodiac signs that love hugs and kisses from their loved ones.

#1. Taurus

taurus zodiac sign

Taurus, as an earth sign, seeks emotional connection in everything they do including kissing. Phone kisses and chat kisses are not acceptable to Taureans. They want to be able to experience the kiss as passionately as possible.

Once you’ve earned a Taurean’s trust, they’ll go to great lengths to give you a beautiful kiss. Only if she feels close to and trusts the man would a Taurus woman kiss.

They want kisses that are smooth, passionate, and leave the other person wanting for more. They regard it as a level of intimacy that goes beyond kissing and hand-holding.

#2. Leo

leo zodiac sign

Leos are a friendly bunch. They have a strong interest in the public display of affection. In fact, a Leo must be able to experience love and warmth through touch to feel close to their partner.

After intercourse, Leo would frequently remain in bed and snuggle with their partner. They could even invent reasons to snuggle. They may become enraged if their request is refused. They simply want ways to express their affection for their companion.

They never miss an opportunity to cuddle with their partner, whether it’s rubbing their noses in the middle of a movie or snatching cute kisses in cafés.

#3. Cancer

cancer zodiac sign

When a Cancerian kisses you, expect your world to be rocked since they are masters of seduction and in keeping their partners hooked. You’ll keep asking for more because of their warmth, grip, and intensity.

They’re the kind who’ll make you feel satisfied and relaxed about talking while snuggling or after-sex cuddling because cuddling is a way for them to get to know someone on an intimate level.

They will remember the small details that you tell them and lavish you with hugs. When Cancerians begin to open up to you, you know they are head over heels in love.

#4. Aries

aries zodiac sign

Aries enjoys hugging and is also really skilled at it. They simply know how to rest their arm so that neither of you are uncomfortable and keep you warm without making you want to leave.

They even know when to rub your hair with tenderness. They act as if they are experts in this field. They’re excellent cuddlers who make sure their mate is cozy and comfortable.

They know the finest spots and make sure the atmosphere is conducive to cuddling. They’ll bring you blankets and hot cocoa, choose a movie for you and even turn on the lights to make you feel valued and unique.

#5. Pisces

pisces zodiac sign

They adore cuddling so much that they fantasize about cuddling with their favorite person in the middle of the night. They can cuddle with their friends or pets whenever they are feeling down, not just with their romantic partner.

They give you a surge of energy and improve your attitude right away. They’re also the cutest of the zodiac signs. Because they are all about you, these kisses will engage all of your senses and leave you breathless.

Last but not least, Pisceans are on this list because they understand that pleasure is a two-way street for them, and they value giving as much as getting.

Some people’s only want at the end of the day is to be able to snuggle and cuddle securely with their partner. A relationship, for them, is defined by these small private moments that make them feel special and valued.

After all, intimacy and making your partner feel special are at the heart of each relationship. After a busy, attentive day, cuddling can be a wonderful way to unwind.

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