Intellectual, goal-oriented, extraverted, success-oriented, and high-achievers are some of the traits often attributed to Sagittarians, and with good reason. This powerful sign knows precisely what they want in life and how to achieve it.

If you work with, or for, a Sagittarius, you know just how beneficial and inspiring their drive can be, and you’ve witnessed firsthand how energetic they are when pursuing the things that matter to them.

You might’ve also noticed just how insufferable they can be at times.

Though their plethora of positive attributes is well-deserved, Sagittarians also have their dark side, and some of their negative personality traits are enough to drive people away from them en masse.

It doesn’t matter how extraverted or charming they are; all Sagittarians have the potential to fall for any of these negative personality traits:

#1. They Overthink Everything

Sagittarians are always thinking, always analyzing, always trying to come up with alternative explanations to what’s going on, even if it’s just to entertain themselves.

They like thinking, enjoy pursuing mysteries, and treasure new knowledge, so rather than taking things at face value, they tend to scrutinize everything to make sense of the world around them.

While a small dose of skepticism is always healthy, Sagittarian’s tendency towards scrutinizing means that they tend to overthink even the smallest of situations, causing them great stress and confusion.

Their focus on small details makes them prone to losing sight of the big picture and pushes Sagittarius to focus on the wrong things.

This also affects their interpersonal relationships, as Sagittarians often have trouble taking people at face value.

It’s not that they’re a suspicious bunch, but rather that they can’t help but wonder about other people’s motivations or the possible reasoning behind their actions.

This is bad for both Sagittarians and the people surrounding them, as Sagittarians tend to stress themselves while thinking about other people’s motivations, and their loved ones feel like they’re not trusted enough.

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#2. They’re Full of Themselves

Sagittarians tend to be at least a little narcissistic and often look down on people with interests they disapprove of.

Though Sagittarians tend to stick to their lives and not criticize others, they do pay attention to what other people do, and they judge, oh, how they judge.

Because their interests tend to be cerebral in nature, Sagittarians will regard themselves as better or superior to others and will look down on people whose recreational activities seem to involve less brainwork than theirs.

This attitude of superiority, more than anything else, is what tends to rub people the wrong way about Sagittarians.

Sure, they mind their business and don’t share their opinion all that often, but they don’t have to. Most people can tell when they’re being looked down on.

What’s more, Sagittarians are known for having an aloof and somewhat detached personality, making it hard for them to connect with others.

While this isn’t Sagittarius’ fault, it does make them come off as haughty and superior, which in turn can rub people the wrong way.

#3. They can be blunt to the point of rudeness.

Sagittarians don’t see the point of beating around the bush or wasting time in pointless cordialities such as small talk.

When they see something that interests them, they go after it. When they have questions they need answering, they ask them. They don’t care about how it makes them look or how it makes other people feel. All they care about is getting the information they need.

Though they can be quite charismatic at times, they’re usually prevented from being people charmers by their unfailingly blunt approach to conversations and observations.

While this can be a charming part of their personality, it has the potential to destroy good friendships or, at the very least, hurt the feelings of people around Sagittarians.

Sure, some Sagittarians may not care about hurting other people’s feelings, but older, wiser Sagittarians have hurt enough people on accident that they’ve stopped feeling proud about it and have started taking steps towards minimizing the damage.

Brutal honesty may be lauded in today’s society, but too often is it used as an excuse to be rude and insufferable. Younger, inexperienced Sagittarians embrace this concept, while the older ones know that you can be blunt without going out of your way to hurt other people’s feelings.

#4. They Don’t Consider the Consequences of Their Actions.

Sagittarians prefer to ask for forgiveness than for permission. They’re transgressors, always chasing after what they want with little to no regard for the consequences of their actions.

When they see something they want, they go and take it. When there’s something they want to do, then they go and do it.

This relentless pursuit of what motivates them can push them to new heights in the creative or work spheres, but it can just as easily backfire and end up hurting them instead.

This impulsivity, so frequently found in fire signs, is the driving force behind many of Sagittarius’s best traits and behind many of their weaknesses.

They have the energy and drive to chase after what they want, but they don’t always stop to consider how their actions will impact others.

They have the curiosity and the ambition to start enormous projects, but they don’t always have the resources and time to spend on them.

#5. They Hold Grudges

Though this is an uncommon trait amongst fire signs, who prefer to get even immediately instead of plotting revenge, Sagittarians enjoy taking their time to get back to those who have wronged them and have absolutely no problem holding grudges for an indeterminate amount of time.

Though people don’t often talk about it, Sagittarians are very prideful, particularly when it comes to their intellect, their character, and their ideas, so whenever someone questions them or, worse, ridicules them, they’ll immediately go into the offense and strike back, often attempting to mock their opponents in return.

While other fire signs would be satisfied with this, Sagittarius takes it a step further and will hold a grudge until the other person can get back on their good graces, if the other person can manage to do it at all.

It’s not an exaggeration to claim that wronging a Sagittarius is making an enemy for life.


Sagittarians are brainiacs who take their intellect very seriously and prioritize logic above all else, up until the moment someone crosses them, anyway.

They’re great at pretending to be unaffected by other people’s emotions, but more often than not, they just don’t care about them, and when they do care, they prefer to remain uninvolved with other people’s personal drama.

They’re bold, blunt, and downright aggressive at times, and though they indeed prefer to stick to their own interests and not mess with other people, it’s also true that they’re a little too focused on other people’s actions and thoughts to be unaffected.

They claim not to care about what other people think yet are perfectly capable of holding grudges for years on end if someone challenges them. They pretend not to pay attention to others, yet they’re quick to judge and make up their minds about other people based on first impressions alone.

The truth is that, above all else, Sagittarians are self-absorbed and use their preferences and their opinions as a template with which to measure other’s worth.

If you’re like Sagittarius, they’ll see you as a potential friend and will happily share their interests and time with you.

If you’re unlike Sagittarius, there’s an excellent chance they’ll outright avoid you, or, at the very least, they’ll do their best to dismiss you.

Time and experience will teach Sagittarius that judging people too quickly means they’ll miss out on amazing friendships and relationships, but before they reach that place, Sagittarians need to understand that everyone has something of value to offer.

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