Pisces are usually defined by their positive traits. They’re selfless, they’re patient, they’re altruistic, and they’re willing to do anything for those they love.

While all of those traits are generally true, what people don’t talk about often enough is Pisces’ negative traits.

Sure, we all know that Pisces tend to be moody and overtly-sensitive, but there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to their dark side.

The truth is that as sweet as they are, Pisces have their dark side, and today, we’re exploring the five negative personality traits a Pisces can have.

Let’s get started.

#1. Pisces Can Be Very Lazy

While it’s true that Pisces can work incredibly hard to achieve their goals, it’s also true that they don’t dedicate that kind of energy to any other aspect of their lives.

Yes, Pisces can invest hours upon hours on their family or on charity, but their homes are often a mess, and when it comes to relaxing at home, they turn into a veritable couch potato.

When it comes to chores or things Pisces don’t particularly care about, they’ll take forever to complete their tasks, if they actually complete them. They’re much happier putting them off for later, until someone else gets fed up and does it for them.

Sometimes this is an unconscious choice, but more often than not is a thoroughly planned strategy. Pisces are aware that there are some things that others will do for them if they wait long enough, which might explain why, generally, Pisces don’t like being single.

Sure, they can cook, and they can clean when they have to, but why do it when they can convince others to do it for them?

Another tactic Pisces likes to use is doing what they’re supposed to do, but doing it badly.

That way, no one can complain that they didn’t do what they were asked, but no one will ask them to do it again either.

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#2. They’re Very Gullible.

Pisces think with their heart much more than with their head, which can put them in tricky situations where people take advantage of their good disposition.

They can be easily manipulated into believing other people’s lives and will often fall for lies, manipulations, or outright scams.

Scams are particularly noteworthy in this aspect as Pisces, eager to see the world with rose-tinted glasses, are perfectly capable of believing even the most outrageous and harebrained scams if you catch them in a good enough mood.

If it sounds unfair to add this as a negative trait when it needs other people to work, keep in mind that sometimes Pisces fools themselves with minimal outside experience.

They’re so eager to see the best in the world that sometimes they’ll willingly close their eyes to the obvious signs that something is wrong, even when they know better.

#3. Their Moods are All Over.

Water signs are never fixed, always changing, always bringing something new to the table, and when it comes to Pisces, something new tends to be their moods.

One can never predict what kind of mood Pisces will be in. They can be happy one moment, sad the next, and angry immediately after, turning any time spent with them into an emotional rollercoaster.

Pisces’ constantly changing emotions can represent a problem for themselves and for others. People don’t have infinite patience, and though many people care deeply about Pisces, it’s not uncommon for friends and family to grow so used to the mood swings they just stop paying attention to Pisces emotions.

This is prejudicial mostly to Pisces, who can lose valuable support they need by lashing out or acting too emotionally in a situation, but it can also put a massive burden on those Pisces love.

Pisces’ emotions are strong and pure. They just need to get a better handle on them.

#4. They’re Too Idealistic

As a general rule, there’s nothing wrong with being an idealist. We should all have plans to make the world a better place.

Pisces’ problem isn’t that they want to improve the world, but rather that they don’t see the world as it is. They tend to act like they already live in the world they want, not the world everyone lives in.

The problem with this approach is that Pisces can be easily fooled when someone tells them what they want to hear and that many Pisces don’t actually try to do anything to improve their circumstances.

They seem to believe that if they complain about it hard enough, things will magically change.

Even Pisces who take steps towards improving their or other people’s lives have a problem with idealism, and they often don’t think things through before doing them.

It’s not unlike Pisces to start a project meant to help others, only to abandon it halfway because they never considered the time and money, they needed to invest in it.

#5. They Often Refuse Responsibility

Like the lazy aspect of their personality, when it comes to things Pisces don’t like, they tend to refuse any and all responsibilities.

If it’s not something they’re deeply involved in, they’ll refuse to engage with a problem or a situation, and if their lack of involvement leads to complications, they’ll shift the blame to others.

This may seem like a strange negative quality for an altruistic soul like Pisces, but you need to understand that it fits.

The way Pisces see it, they are already involved in important things that can help improve people’s lives, so they should focus all of their energy on that, and not on small things like whose turn it was to wash the dishes, or whether or not they were supposed to pick up dinner.

Arguing with them over this issue often leads nowhere. They’re experts at shifting blame and refusing to acknowledge their own involvement.

This evasiveness also applies to their romantic relationships, as their general dislike for confrontations means Pisces will often just avoid talking about problems or, worse, avoid their partner if something is going on.

Pisces are big fans of silent treatments, “spending the weekend at their parents,” or just straight-up ghosting a person if they feel there’s a problem in their relationship.

It’s either that, or they’ll act like nothing is wrong, bottling up their emotions until they finally snap and release all of their frustration on their significant others or some unsuspecting victim.

Neither of them is a particularly useful option.


Pisces are wide-eyed idealists that want to make the world a better place and feel good when helping others. However, in their idealism, they often fail to see the world as it is, which leads them to be gullible and easy pickings for people who want to take advantage of them.

They’re not only easy to manipulate, but they go willingly with it, convincing themselves that everything will turn out alright even if a big part of them knows that’s not the case.

Pisces idealism also tends to push them to start things they can’t finish, and when that happens, they often refuse to take responsibility for their actions, choosing instead to blame others or their circumstances.

Pisces, see the world like they want to see it, and don’t want to acknowledge how things actually are, an attitude full of avoidance that reflects on other aspects of their lives.

When things go wrong, Pisces often looks the other way, and they’re constantly shrugging off responsibilities, convinced that things will just happen if they keep a positive attitude and wait.

Luckily, most of Pisces’ negative traits are tempered with time. A healthy dose of realism is more than enough for Pisces to learn that you need to learn how to play by the world’s rules if you wish to change them.

Unfortunately, time does very little to fix Pisces’ tendencies towards avoidance and laziness.

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