It’s not easy being a Gemini.

Voluble, impulsive, sarcastic, and materialistic, everyone and their mother seems to be aware of Gemini’s negative personality traits.

However, while we all know that Geminis can be flighty and change their mind easily, not everyone understands the process that leads Gemini there, and even fewer people are privy to the ocean of emotions lurking just beneath the surface of this otherwise peaceful sign.

We’ve decided to analyze some of the worst Gemini traits to try and determine what pushes this sign to act the way they do. After all, that indecisiveness must come from somewhere, right?

Here are the 5 negative personality traits of Gemini.

#1. They Can’t Make Up Their Mind.

One of the biggest criticisms people have about Gemini is that they find it ridiculously hard to make decisions, and this one is entirely true.

As the quintessential air sign, Gemini is voluble and flighty, and their desires and emotions always pull them in all directions, making it very hard for Gemini to make a choice, no matter how simple it might appear to be.

While their capricious nature is to blame for most of their negative traits, Gemini really struggles with this aspect of their personality, as life is but a series of choices, and they often walk around feeling like they’ve made the wrong one.

Though Gemini isn’t known for being overthinkers, the reality is that they are, and it’s this particular characteristic that complicates their decision-making process to the point where it becomes a problem.

All Gemini tend to have trouble making decisions, or at least being sure of the things they’ve chosen, but unhealthy ones tend to take this to a whole new level, often feeling paralyzed with indecision whenever it comes to making a choice, or worse, letting other people choose for them.

#2. They’re Very Anxious People

Gemini is one of the most anxious signs of the Zodiac, and considering their relationship with decision-making, this really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Who wouldn’t be anxious when you’re second-guessing all of your choices?

While it’s true they change their mind often because of their flighty nature, they also do it because they’re anxious about making the wrong choice, and while they’re very aware of this characteristic, they often find it hard to break out of the feedback loop that makes them catastrophize all of their choices, which in turn makes them even more anxious, and so on.

Healthy, well-adapted Geminis often develop coping mechanisms with which they can control their anxieties and their emotions, though they usually get there through trial and error.

Younger Geminis, or those who haven’t found a reliable coping mechanism, often fall into unhealthy habits in an attempt to control, or at least ignore, their anxiety, making this one of Gemini’s most harmful traits for themselves and others.

Whether or not they’ve found a healthy coping mechanism is irrelevant to the emotions that lead them to feel anxious, to begin with, though; Geminis are naturally inclined towards overcomplicating everything in their life, so anxiety is something they just have to learn how to live with.

#3. They’re Super Sarcastic

One of the most popular coping mechanism for Geminis is sarcasm, and frankly, no one is surprised by that.

Their natural charisma and clever personalities make it easy for Geminis to come up with witty retorts and commentaries, which lends itself wonderfully towards sarcastic personalities, so it’s not uncommon to find a sarcastic Gemini.

In fact, it’s kind of expected.

While there’s nothing wrong with being sarcastic per se, Geminis tend to use sarcasm as a shield, resulting in dark, often caustic comments that can easily hurt or alienate people, even those who enjoy Gemini’s more aggressive sense of humor.

It gets worse, though.

Sarcasm can quickly get out of hand when you’re using it to mask your insecurities and your anxieties, and that’s something that often happens to Gemini. They’ll make a joke at a completely inappropriate time, be sarcastic when someone asks for genuine advice, or just be plain rude and try to pass it as being sarcastic.

Older Geminis often learn to stop and reflect on the possible effect of their sarcasm before they open their mouth, but this is usually a trait acquired through experience more than any conscious choice of their own.

The good news, though, is that any Gemini out there can decide to be less of a sarcastic ass.

The bad news is that it will take hard work and time.

#4. They Can Be Incredibly Materialistic.

Geminis tend to be one of the most materialistic signs in the Zodiac, though, after the previous three negative aspects of their personality, it’s a little easier to understand why.

Material goods are real; they’re things that are there, that you can touch and trust and experience, no matter how many times you second-guess yourself.

Sure, you can regret getting a material good in question, but if you choose not to (or you can’t), you’re left with an actual thing with weight and presence that you can’t second-guess.

This, more than anything else, is the appeal of material goods to Gemini.

Yes, they’re beauty lovers, and they enjoy pampering themselves –who doesn’t? – but there’s an undeniable appeal to things you can touch and experience that really speaks to them, particularly when they’re feeling anxious and don’t know what to do with that energy.

Think of it that way; if you’re sure you’ve screwed something up, or you’re dreading that you will, buying new clothes won’t change the past, but it’ll help you take your mind off things and, regardless of what happens in the future, you’ll be left with beautiful new clothes.

Geminis know that having the latest phones and a new car won’t bring them happiness, but it will give them something to focus on when things get particularly hard.

#5. They’re Very Impulsive

This is the last piece of the puzzle behind Gemini’s negative personality traits, and like everything else, it makes perfect sense once you analyze it.

Though you’d expect that an overthinker who second-guesses their every choice would be the least impulsive person on the planet, Gemini is actually quite impulsive, making all kinds of weird decisions regardless of the consequences.

Look at it from their perspective, though. Overthinking and doubting your every choice is just plain exhausting, and sometimes, you just need to say “to hell with it” and go with the flow.

One of the most effective ways of not worrying about our choices is choosing at random and roll with the punches, and that’s precisely the mentality behind Gemini’s impulsivity.

It’s not the best coping mechanism, and more often than not, it comes back to bite Gemini’s ass, but it’s still a consistent trait amongst Gemini-born, and one you should keep in mind when interacting with this fascinating sign.


Though they often get a fame for being flighty and unpredictable, Geminis are one of the easiest Zodiac signs to understand.

They’re far less inconsistent than people assume they are and far more analytical than people give them credit for. They’re overthinkers, plain and simple, and that overthinker results in most of the negative aspects of their personalities.

Their overthinking and over analyzing, particularly when it comes to their own choices, makes it harder for them to choose to begin with, a flaw that makes them feel anxious and scared, which in turn they cover with vicious sarcasm and the restless pursuit of material goods.

Most, if not all, of Gemini’s negative personality traits are unhealthy coping mechanisms for their out-of-control anxiety. And while the naturality with which one trait leads to the other might make it seem like all is unavoidable, the truth is that Gemini’s flaws are some of the easiest to fix.

Tackle that anxiety, and you’ll be on top of the world.

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