Leo is one of the fire signs, and it embraces every quality of fire that it can embrace. If you ever know someone with a fiery personality, check well; they just might be a Leo because fiery is the word to define the Leo zodiac sign. Leos are brave, passionate, dramatic, and dominant, which are qualities that make this zodiac sign quite an exciting one. Leos are born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August; thus, if you are born sometime within this date range, you have no choice but to accept everything that comes with being a Leo.

Astrology is a useful way of getting to know people better or even knowing yourself better, but like everything, people tend to abuse the knowledge that astrology gives. People easily create myths and misconstrue the personality traits of all the zodiac signs. We will debunk some of the most bizarre myths about the Leo zodiac sign and lay out some facts to change your perception of Leos.

Leos are selfish

Leos enjoy being the center of focus and attention, and this has made many people come to the conclusion that the average Leo is a selfish person. What a lot of people do not know is that Leos are very generous and will give back as much as they can. Leos do not love seeing less fortunate people around them; they are always at the center of making a difference in the lives of others.

Leos do not have problem-solving abilities.

This myth is just so wrong. Leos are brilliant problem solvers and are quite good at figuring things out. Leos are smart and will leverage their intelligence all the time to find solutions to problems.


In addition, the Leo zodiac sign has everything to with taking the lead when complications or problems arise. There may be Leos who are hardly problem-solvers, but throwing a blanket over all Leos is a myth that must be debunked.

Leos are too blunt

It is impossible to spend time with a Leo and not deal. With some hard truths about any situation that may be going on at that moment. Leos are known to be very honest, and this is something that everyone cannot deal with. Saying it as it is with everyone will surely land you in awkward situations. However, most of the time, Leos never have the intention to talk you down every chance they get. Your Leo friend is only trying to make you face that truth that you are avoiding so much. Maybe you have made some mistakes at work, or you should have made some plans earlier – whatever it is, you are probably in denial, and your Leo friend thinks you would be better off admitting to these hard truths rather than keep denying them. A Leo will always try to bring everything to light so that there will be clarity.

Leos have a strong need to be the center of attention.

It is true that Leos never stay away from the spotlight, but they do not make it a do or die affair to be in the spotlight all the time. If they are not very prepared for something or they are unsure about their ability to pull something odd, they will most likely allow someone to take the stage.


However, if you find a Leo taking center stage, observe how they command attention when they have something of great value that they are sharing. People with the Leo zodiac sign can be very generous, especially to those that they love and care about. If a Leo is taking up a lot of space around you, it is probably because they have something really important that they want to share with you.

Leos are overly arrogant.

A Leo is confident, and many people find a confident personality intimidating. Fortunately, Leos are unperturbed, have strong opinions, know what they want, and are quite comfortable with being all by themselves. While many people will see this as arrogance, a Leo simply would not settle for things that they believe are not worth taking their time and energy.


You cannot be with a Leo and not get to feel some heat. They have a fiery personality, and it takes understanding and looking deeper to understand everything about a Leo. All these myths are untrue and should not be the basis of your impression of the Leo zodiac sign.

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  • Leo is also powerful, fierce, determined, courageous, temperamental, protective, aggressive, strong-willed, dominant and fiery.

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