There are established ideas and reputations about every zodiac sign, be it good or bad, and Gemini is not left out of this. People generally believe that the two distinct sides that Geminis have make them highly untrustworthy and malicious this, however, is not true as Geminis are quite down-to-earth and will go wherever they will have a good time.

The average Gemini has a strong personality, which is not so bad as people make it seem. Geminis may have multidimensional personalities, but this is what makes them unique in comparison to other zodiac signs. Geminis can take important things seriously, and they understand priorities. When it comes to career, education, relationships, a Gemini does not play with those, and they also take responsibility for their actions no matter what. Thanks to having two personality sides, Geminis can let loose and have fun if they want to and feel like. The thing about Geminis is that their two sides help them stay grounded while they advance their careers and at the same time, have fun. The astrological personality of Geminis represents balance, and that is quite a unique thing.

So, while you think that the Gemini in your life has two faces about them, below are five bizarre myths and facts about Geminis that you should know;

Geminis are two-faced

The Gemini zodiac sign has been symbolized as the twins of the zodiac signs, which explains why the reputation of being two-faced is one thing that has stuck over the years. However, this is nothing but a misconception. Being the twins of the zodiac signs mean Geminis have multiple personalities and can easily fit into anywhere. A Gemini can be serious, submissive, careless, social, and just about anything else, depending on where they are and their mood at that moment.

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Geminis do not have malicious intents contrary to what a lot of people think. They value relationships and friendships and will make sure they treat you right, being your back as much as they would in your presence.

Geminis are Manipulators

Many people have the notion that Geminis will do whatever it takes to get what they want, which is not true. They are usually perceived as a rather sinister zodiac sign. What is true, however, is that Geminis are determined, but they also believe in playing fair. They will never want to hurt anyone simply because it serves their purpose. As a matter of fact, Geminis are quite straightforward and will be honest with you from the onset if they need anything from you. They do not have the time nor the patience to put together manipulative schemes in any situation.

Geminis are flaky and unreliable

As much as having a multidimensional personality helps Geminis live a balanced life, they also tend to fit in too much than they can handle sometimes. Geminis are fun-lovers, enjoy being around people and making plans, so they mostly have a fully scheduled calendar. But this can make things complicated for them sometimes when they strive to fulfill all those commitments. Sometimes fitting into all those activities become difficult, and they might end up canceling some of the plans they initially had.

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Many people may not understand this and might feel disappointed that their Gemini friend is letting them down. The truth is your Gemini loved one wants to make you happy, but circumstances did not allow them. Focus on the positive intent rather than the disappointment.

Geminis are fickle

This may be somewhat true, but it has nothing to do with how people think that Geminis are just fickle. A Gemini is likely to suddenly back out of a friendship, but that is not because they cannot keep friendships. If a friend is dishonest or not loyal to a Gemini, best believe that the friendship will come to an end. A Gemini will not bat an eyelid before moving on from an untrustworthy friend. Trust and loyalty are two of the most important things to a Gemini.

Geminis are Superficial

Geminis may appear superficial to people, but that is not true. They are outgoing, energetic, and can adapt to any situation. Geminis are far from superficial as they look beyond the surface to see the things that are not obvious to others.

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