As far as astrology is concerned, Cancer has the reputation of being an emotional, family-oriented and sensitive zodiac sign. But this zodiac sign goes beyond these common traits. Cancers are highly passionate, affectionate, intuitive, loyal, have a great sense of empathy, sentimental and a host of other qualities that portray how much kindness they have for other people.

It is also one of the most challenging zodiac signs to understand, which is probably why it has some misconceptions around it. If you want to get to understand a Cancer properly, you should be ready to put in some work. Cancers can be highly self-sufficient, persevering and highly motivated to do the necessary things that they need to do. They can also be dependent on people for encouragement and support emotionally. If you get to understand these complications, your Cancer friend can be the best you have ever had.

If you have heard some myths about your Cancer friends, this article will debunk the things that are not true and establish the facts about the Cancer zodiac sign so that moving forward; you can easily understand the people around you with Cancer zodiac sign better.

Cancers are very sensitive individuals that depend on others to fight their battles

Many people see Cancers as emotional and sensitive, and therefore weak, but this is not true because Cancers are far from being weaklings. They can deal with virtually any kind of situation on their own because they have tough spirits.

The true strength of Cancers lies in their unwillingness to quit and their determination to get things done no matter what. They have a rare motivation that can inspire anyone and a strength that can help them get through any hardship. Cancers may be truly sensitive, but they have a resilience that many people do not know about which they apply when they have to deal with any adversity.

Cancers are insecure and shy

There is the misconception that Cancers are shy and may not make confident leaders, but that is simply a myth. Cancers can persevere, and that is a quality that makes them powerful at handling anything pertaining to their lives or career. Cancers are also sensitive, intelligent and highly intuitive.


These reasons are why they are more likely to be successful in anything they lay hands on. Cancers make the best entrepreneurs, investors, employers, wealth generators, etc.

Cancers do not like going out

Yes, Cancers love to stay at home and enjoy the comfort of their home, but it does not mean that they are recluses. Cancers love making friends and will not pass up on the opportunity to expand their social circles, but they are usually very careful of who they let into their inner circle.

Cancers respect everyone, but they enjoy socializing in familiar places which is mostly their home. Cancers throw the best parties and are undoubtedly the best hosts.

Cancers are protective and clingy

The Cancer zodiac sign is a caring and romantic sign. The average Cancer has deep and powerful emotions that come to life when they fall deeply in love. A Cancer loves deeply, and that can be misunderstood for being clingy and possessive. Two major compatibility factors for Cancers are trust and emotional security. A Cancer will not go into a relationship with anyone unless they are sure about how the person feels about them, and they are ready to give that person all the love that they possibly can.


Cancers also take their family and friends very seriously and can get protective if need be. The people around Cancers only need to understand that this overprotectiveness is from a place of love and not so they can be in control.

Cancers can be walked over

Cancers are soft, loving, compassionate and available to support you during your time of need. But the soft side that a Cancer has is not their weakness. If anything, a Cancer will never watch you while you walk over them. You have to respect boundaries and just allow them to be the wonderful person that you need in your life. You should never believe this misconception.

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