The best way to resolve a conflict is by communication, we can all agree. Communication can open a gateway of open-ended thoughts, beliefs, and differences of opinions and allow two individuals coming from different places to understand, recognize and accept each other’s take on it.

This either ends up with one of them realizing that they were wrong or both of them realizing they are right on their ends or agreeing to disagree and moving on. But what if there’s no communication? What if one of them completely shuts off the other and decided to go under a rock and simply not let a word fall off their mouth? This is exactly what silent treatment is.

Call it immaturity, insecurity, or just disrespectful behavior, the silent treaters often do this because they don’t want to take any responsibility in the situation. They let their ego play in and don’t mind psychologically abusing the other person by staying silent.

They know it hurts, they know it’s not fruitful they know they can do better but they still choose to keep mum. They think it’s the best way to let the designated ‘accused’ ones see that the silent treaters are clearly the victims in the situation.

The silent treatment can get pretty frustrating and can even worsen the situation. This way of dealing with conflicts is often seen as abusive and psychologically manipulating.

1. Taurus

Taurus are super opinionated and hate anyone who challenges their thoughts believes or experiences. They function from a place where they believe only they get to have their say and raise their opinion because they are always right.

If you counter-question the Taurus, be ready for their most used tool to shut you off – the silent treatment.

They do this just to protect their ego and think that if you dont get to have a say, you dont get to win the argument. Their dominating side often gets to the point that becomes a lot to handle by anyone.

Once they close the communication tab, though they live with the thought that they’ve won, they end losing their closest ones who at some point or other get fed up by this behavior and leave.

2. Aquarius

Aquarius is known to come off as detached and having no human emotions. While that’s not entirely true because they love their people, but when confronted by drama and fights, the dark side of their personality comes to play.

They shut their emotional side and go numb. They hate loud emotional turmoils, to begin with, and would do anything to get out of the uncomfortable situation.

Aquarius knows no good comes out of two hot heads going back and forth, this is why they often choose to walk away and pretend they’ve suddenly lost their voice.

They do use the silent treatment in disrespectful ways because they know nothing triggers their partner more than Aquarius going silent and that’s exactly what they use to hurt their competitor.

3. Scorpio

Scorpio is a package when it comes to being dramatic – they can go all-in during arguments, from imitating, raising their voice to going on nuts, Scorpio doesn’t shy away from standing up for what they believe when provoked. So why the silent treatment?

Well, it’s one of the secret weapons they use when everything else fails to make an impact on the other person.

Right when they begin to notice that things are going in the wrong direction and not really in the favor of Scorpio in a heated argument, they decide to play dead and say nothing.

They are aware of the fact that it’s going to do more harm than good but can’t stop themselves in the rage of trying to punish the other person.

4. Sagittarius

When a Sagittarius gives you the silent treatment, god save you! This is because they are just upset with you and know that the issues can be resolved, they’d be the first ones to confront you but when they’ve lost all hopes and have decided to finally cut you off, they won’t turn back.

So if a Sagittarius is giving you the silent treatment, don’t take it lightly. It’s not coming from a place to punish you, guilt you into doing something. Its plain and simple lack of interest to the point that Sagittarius has genuinely forgotten you exist.

It’s a sign that they’re soon going to move on because they’ve tried their best to resolve things and now they’re mad to the point that they don’t see a future with you anymore.

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