Curiosity often gets the best of us. Especially when it’s about knowing what others think about us. We live in a world where everyone is looking for external validation. Insecurities are just a part of us as anything else.

Having things you’re protective over isn’t unnatural. We are all born with things we can proudly show off as well as things we hide away from the world and to a good extend even ourselves.

We pretend to shove these insecurities in a corner of our being and pretend it no longer exists. These insecurities that we are trying to hide often play a major role when we look out in the external world for validation.

We begin to notice how people are looking at us, judging us, talking about us, and most importantly if they’ve seen the side of us that we are so vigorously trying to hide.

While this comes in a natural package of being human, some zodiac signs take this curiosity so far that they begin to constantly catch themselves worrying about what others think about them. These recurring undesired thoughts can often make them feel low about themselves and mislead their self-esteem.

The truth is, it’s not their fault it’s just how their stars are aligned that makes them brainstorm over things that don’t need so much attention. If you’re someone who frequently sits through to think about what others think of you, this is your cue.

While this can be a hard pill to swallow, if you get the awareness you need to confront the traits your zodiac sign comes in with, you can better work on these characteristics.

1. Virgo

Virgos are perfectionists and know exactly how to walk through life by handling themselves in the right way. They often look at everyone’s life and their persona minutely to catch flaws and tally them with what it would take to perfect them. This is exactly why they always wonder if everyone else is doing the exact same thing to them.

They worry if others are as interested in noticing the Virgo and catching their flaws. This ends up invariably distracting them and they often lose their focus in the process. This gets to the point that it starts affecting their mental health and self-confidence.

Their entire focus shifts from changing their already perfect self to turning into someone with superhuman powers of no longer making any mistakes just to save themselves from judgemental eyes. These impossible expectations from themselves make them go into a shell, become shy to the point they no longer want to be surrounded by people.

2. Pisces

Pisces are people pleasers and cannot for the life of them take if anyone, we mean a single person, doesn’t end up liking them. Their gentle and loving side often play devil’s advocate in situations like these that turn these qualities that were once working in their favour, into weaknesses.

They begin to worry about how can someone not like who they are, why would someone not like someone as loving as Pisces, how and what can they do to change this around. Sounds exhausting, don’t you think?

Pisces often fail to see and get in touch with their own feelings and spend their entire time finding answers about how others are validating them. This is exactly why people around them often feel like they’re walking on eggshells.

They fear that Pisces would take no time to turn into a total emotional wreck if they express the tiniest difference of opinion.

Pieces also invest most of their time pleasuring others and can’t say no to anyone or anything even if it’s leaching off their own energy.

3. Cancer

Cancer lets their insecurities get the best of them and turn into clingy beings who always seeks constant external reassurance and want to know exactly what everyone is thinking about them.

They let their insecurities sit on the driving seat and take so many detours in life that end up in a rabbit hole of a mess and before you know it, they’ve already wasted so much precious time on this!

They always worry that they aren’t good enough and that if anyone sees their real self, they are going to leave. Fear of abandonment and thinking that they’re lesser than anyone else in the room gets them to constantly question and wonder about what’s going on in others’ minds.

This makes them needy and clingy to the point that they themselves end up pushing people away from them!

4. Gemini

Gemini is a social being who calculates their every move and know exactly how to carry themselves so that no one gets hurt. They tend to expect the same in return and when someone doesn’t think twice before using the right words with them, they get triggered.

Gemini is a loving soul who always comes off as energetic but this often gets to their head and they end up comparing themselves especially with someone who has the potential to steal away the center stage of the room.

Gemini feels like their best self only when all the attention is on them and their ego is being cared for. So the moment someone else walks in with the same energy, it creates resistance and Gemini goes into their shell and feels like they aren’t being their best self. T

hey start to wonder if they were never good enough and it was all in their head. This starts a vicious cycle of thoughts and constantly seeking reassurance either by intricate thoughts or going around and asking for people’s opinions.

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