Have you ever been talked into doing something you dint intend to do in the first place? Is there a certain someone in your life who always ends up changing your mind no matter how hard you decide to stay on your ground?

Or have you ever come across someone who gets their way by some ‘sweet talk’ and ends up backstabbing the people who put their trust in them? You aren’t alone. The world is full of manipulative people who know exactly how to work their magic with their words and emotional tactility.

The manipulative individuals barely have any real sentiments, naturally why they don’t care about others’ emotions and won’t think twice before crushing it.

Such people are not easy to spot as they have a good covering they hide under – they could be the sweetest member in your family who has nothing but praises for you or your best friend who says she’s always ‘watching out for you’ or your most trustworthy co-worker. Well, fret not!

Though such diplomates don’t uncover their face off the mask they’re hiding under, astrology is here to help you. According to the stars, your zodiac sign can tell if you are a cutthroat, do anything to get to the top, and not regret-it-later kind of a person.

Let’s straight dive into the 4 zodiacs you need to watch out for if you don’t want to be manipulated by their sweet tricks –

1. Scorpio

Scorpio won’t pause or hesitate to sting you right where it hurts! They are the most courageous and mysterious beings who are extremely passionate about their desires and can snap out anyone and anything that comes in the middle.

They can swiftly manipulate their way and can play with anyone’s weakness and can often take it too far until it’s too late. They often channel their strategic scorpion energies onto others and let their negative emotions such as jealousy and envy get the best of them.

Scorpio often takes impulsive actions to exploit anyone who can be a hindrance in their way or possess something the Scorpio had had an eye on for the longest time.

2. Gemini

Gemini is ambiguous and won’t bat an eye when they’re lying to you. They are the best at keeping the truth in a shell just to save themselves from falling into uncomfortable situations and staying out of trouble.

They do the job of hiding the truth so well that they often themselves forget that they’re manipulating the situation. They hold a good power in communication which is what they use to manipulate others into getting things done in their favor.

They cannot be trusted as they won’t think before putting a dagger into someones back if they’re getting in their way. Unleashing all your secrets to a Gemini can be a bad idea as they might end up using them as a potential tool to blackmail you or keep you on your toes.

Manipulation and diplomacy come easy to Gemini so don’t fall for their rustic appearance!

3. Libra

Libra is a virtuoso of manipulation and can still come off as being the protagonist of justice and everything well-defined. The truth is, all they care about is being in the good books of everyone so that they don’t have any guns pointing towards them.

This is exactly why they make sure to say the right things, hide under the sheet of intertwined lies, manipulations, and deception. They want to stay away from heated conversations or coming off as the bad guy who says the truth that has the potential to offend anyone.

They’d rather lie to get away and show up the very next moment as if they’ve done nothing but speak their truth. They can smoothly manipulate you into doing things that are in the favor of Libra but can end up damaging your own life.

4. Cancer

Cancer, the zodiac sign that permanently lives on an emotional rollercoaster, sees themselves as a victim in every situation. They think of themselves as delicate, pure-hearted emotional beings.

While this is right to some extent because cancer feels emotions deeper than most zodiac signs, the entire truth is they aren’t exactly innocent beings here either.

Cancer knows they are a lot to handle and aren’t everyone’s cup of tea so when they do encounter someone who blames cancer for being way too aggressive or clingy, they play the emotional card and guilt them into feeling bad for cancer.

They use guilt, manipulation, and gaslighting as their tools to make them see Cancer as pure souls who just need a little more love than anyone else.

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