Are you someone who lets things go easily? Do you hate drama? Are you always up for plans and don’t freak out in case there are end moment changes? The good news is, you’re low maintenance!

Being chilled out and having a low maintenance personality signifies that you won’t get into endless back and forth arguments, are mostly loved by everyone and are someone around whom people often find themselves at ease.

Low-maintenance people give out positive, relaxing vibes that often attract like-minded people. They’re fun to hand out with, are always up for trying out new experiences, and don’t expect anything out of life which is why they don’t put up a frowny face like many others who get worked up at the tiniest of inconvenience.

According to astrology, your zodiac sign is a good place to start with to predict if you’re a low-maintenance soul. Want to see if you fit right in? Here’s an assorted list of the top 4 low maintenance zodiac signs for you –

1. Gemini

The free-flowing soul, Gemini, is always up for anything new and does not have the word ‘no’ in their dictionary even when it comes to end-moment adventurous plans. They hold up to their part of the deal of creating rhythmic, interesting moments with their easy-going characteristic.

They are always in to have a good time and won’t overthink it even if they have to be in a room full of new people whom they are meeting for the first time.

They dont need big gestures or endless checklists from their partners to stick by their side. They easily find their comfort even in new, unplanned situations and go with the wind.

They are one of the most versatile zodiac signs who can just easily gel up with anyone and understand that everyone they meet might have different perspectives and values.

They dont easily take offense because they understand that two individuals can have different opinions but still be on the same side.

All that Gemini needs is interesting conversations or a plan that involves lots of laughter and fun and you can count the Gemini all in.

2. Sagittarius

Sagittarius are free souls who don’t want to be tied down, which is exactly why they don’t take life so seriously like other zodiacs. They don’t cause any havoc or drama if there’s a change in the plan or encounter someone who’s has a completely different point of view.

Their happy-go-lucky nature doesn’t need people to be on the same page. They can even do with someone else calling the shots for the plan for the night or taking the centre stage at a party. All that the Sagittarius wants is to have some fun and do life as it comes.

They are laid-back beings who don’t have a to-do list on their minds every morning that they have to stick to. They like doing things that make their souls feel free, at their natural self, like they are in for the win.

They run away from anything that is methodical and boring and given the fact that they are explorers of new things who enjoy their freedom, they never let there be a dull moment wherever they step in.
They are loved by everyone because of their nonchalant attitude and are often seen laughing their hearts out. Their positive energy is enough to light up the entire room.

3. Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the most understanding and mellow zodiac signs that knows how to have fun. They have a charming persona and know how to unwind even during stressful times. They are don’t believe in keeping their loved ones on a string and watching their every move, rather, they let them free and respect their privacy.

Aquarius knows how to trust, lets everyone be, and gives space whenever necessary. They are always up for going out and about and don’t stress about little things. They are the first ones to get ready and make sure they’re always grooving to keep their energies high.

They like exploring new interests and trying out things beyond their everyday routine. Though people might perceive them as someone who stays in their own world, this is because they don’t give power to little hindrances in life the power to bring them down.

4. Libra

Libra is the seeker for little things in life that can make them happy. They dont wait for big breakthrough moments to get a smile on their face or have to watch a two-hour stand up to laugh till they drop. On the contrary, just a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee, a bright and sunny day, or the smell of the first rain is enough to get them charged up for the day!

They stay out of trouble, arguments, and anything that does not fit their serene vibes, and do a good job at it. This is exactly why libra is always seen in a good mood. They like to stay in harmony with everyone and enjoy their little sacred peace.

They wouldn’t mind dodging the bullet of confrontation even if they’ve caught someone red-handed while doing something off their list just to stay away from conflict. They aren’t easily triggered and don’t hand over a long list of expectations to their near and dear ones.

All that the Libra expects is for others to understand the importance of their personal space, and respect them for who they are. Libras don’t have high demands from life or even themselves, they know the value of mental health which is why they never go hard on themselves.

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