The initial part of any relationship, the chase, is often the most mysteriously exciting phase and is what gives structure to the entire relationship for the future. Its where two individuals understand each other’s traits, shape their relationship and appoint unsaid roles in their partnership.

It’s the chapter where one self-appoints themselves as the chaser, who runs towards the other in search of love and commitment and the other becomes the runner, who tries to play hard to get.
This period of being chased by someone regardless of how common it is in any relationship is one of the most electrifying portions for some zodiacs.

‘But, who doesn’t like to be chased?’ You may ask. Well, the truth is, some zodiac signs enjoy the chase much more than others so much that it gives them a sense of pride and thrill that fills up the deepest parts of their soul.

Let’s find out if you fit right in the list or your person of interest who’s trying to play the hard game is just another zodiac who’s enjoying this –

1. Leo

The lion of the jungle knows how to grab everyone’s attention. They shine through right from their first roar or more often than not, just their presence can shake things up just when they walk into a room.
They know they deserve every inch of the chase and like putting their person of interest up for a challenge to get their attention. The Leo could be falling in love knee deep but would still shove their feelings aside just so they can get some attention out of you.
They don’t like things that come easy and if they find out that the one they’re interested in cant play the sport of chasing, they don’t mind letting them go. After all, they’re just setting the bar high to test if there’s a future in this relationship, right?
They know they can only sustain with someone who doesn’t mind giving it their all and making Leo feel like their one and only priority.
They enjoy the chase as it’s what helps them decide if they’re with a potential match whom they can hover through in the long term!

2. Gemini

The flirtatious Gemini secretly always wants to be chased even if they’re just pretending to run for the hills. They always keep an eye behind their back just to make sure that their POI is following them at every step.
They may pretend to be disinterested, say they’re unavailable, and may want to come off as detached, but know that it’s all a part of their game.
They like keeping things mysterious and unpredictable. They like intriguing experiences and believe letting someone chase them is how they can keep the spark in the relationship alive. They like to keep testing the water just to see the lengths their person of interest can go to in order to pursue them.
Keeping the chase phase alive is how the Gemini analysis their partner’s commitment towards them. This gives Gemini feel like they have things under their control and saves them the terror of having things unplanned and being certain that their partner is here for the long haul!

3. Sagittarius

The people person, Sagittarius, enjoys seeking new experiences and fancies to always be around people who can let Sagittarius have the center stage. They are a hog for attention and want people to see, hear and take Sagittarius seriously.
When they meet their potential match, they make sure they’re conveying this to them through their chase routine. Sagittarius will ignore them and act as though they do not even exist but secretly wish they’d keep showing up and keep pursuing them with all their heart.
They secretly in their minds believe there isn’t anyone who they can’t go head over heels and fall in love with the impressive Sagittarius. The chase period is their forte where they observe how their significant can grab their attention and vow the Sagittarius.
They won’t shy away from being the chasers too, as they are confident they can have anyone they desire.

4. Libra

Libra is the romantic one who likes being chased because it makes them feel like they’re being appreciated and admired. Libras want to feel wanted and desired. They like being showered with big romantic gestures and attention.
They like keeping the flirt angel breathing throughout the relationship as it’s important for them to keep things interesting and exciting to stay committed in a relationship.
If they feel like their person of interest isn’t giving them the attention and affection they deserve and aren’t chasing after the desirable Libra, they lose interest in a jiffy. They wouldn’t mind moving on to a different special someone who knows exactly how to stay on their toes to vow the alluring Libra.

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