Emotions while they are a mirror image of how we feel internally, they also are painful truths we find hard to tell ourselves. Our feelings often get us acquainted with unhealed inner emotional turmoil and hidden emotions we run away from.

While some people when confronted with inner revelations, come to a deep realization about themselves, others just plain can’t face their emotions. The fear of rejection, betrayal, the unknown, and endless possibilities in fate scares them away from coming to terms with their own truth.

They end up brushing it under the rug and living in avoidance. They’d rather live in delusion than just accept their vulnerable truth.

The same goes for feelings of love and affection. If someone who’s healed their emotional baggage becomes aware of their passion for someone, they might jump in to talk their truth or pursue what their heart wants.

While on the other hand, if someone who has an unhealed past comes face to face with their feelings for someone, they’d run for the hills!

Here are 4 zodiac signs who even after falling hard in love won’t accept their feelings –

1. Aquarian

Aquarians are scared of showing their vulnerable side to anyone, even the one they love. They think of this as a weakness as they believe expressing their emotions is basically giving the power to someone else to hurt them.

This is exactly why they always have their guard up and high. They doubt others’ intentions and always second guess their own feelings by adding a layer of toughness that can stop them from revealing their soft, emotional side.

They are also a zodiac who believes that actions speak louder than words and simulate that in their behavior. They might not be the one who holds a billboard that says ‘I love you’, but they will show you how much you mean to them with their actions.

Though they might come off a little aloof as they do not express their emotions well, know that they care on the inside. Aquarius are beings who fear getting their feelings hurt and shield their emotions like no one else.

2. Scorpio

Scorpio is mysterious a being who has a suspicious aura that makes them come off as secretive, though they don’t want to. They love the idea of being in love but are scared of getting hurt and going through heartbreak.

They guard their emotions with their mysterious exterior that makes no one see the insight into what they actually have going in their heart. This sweeps in trust issues in their relationships as their partner always feel uninformed almost as though the Scorpio is hiding something.

Scorpio doesn’t catch the train of love right away, rather, they take it slow and steady and incorporate a lot of analysis and planning to secure their future.

They don’t trust anyone easily and know that they have to safeguard their delicate heart from letting anyone take advantage of their vulnerability which is why they don’t serve their inner emotions in a platter for anyone.

This often creates mistrust and stops their relationship from growing into a beautiful long-term bond.

3. Virgo

The perfectionist Virgo knows how to preserve their emotions and feelings and how! They are analytical beings so they perceive and scrutinize every little move their person of interest makes to a point that they forget to show their own true intentions or emotions.

Though they are just loyal beings who are scared of their hearts being manhandled, their inability to open up about their true feelings makes room for suspicion and disbelief in the minds of their significant other.

Given that this zodiac is ruled by the planet of clear communication, Mercury, it is unforeseen that this zodiac can have a hard time expressing its emotions. This is because they believe that their communication shouldn’t come to play in love but their actions should.

Just like Aquarius, this zodiac sign believes in emotional and heart-felt actions rather than loud statements of expressing their feelings.

4. Taurus

Taurus wants nothing but love and because they aren’t big on communication, they don’t express their love to their significant other in a way that can make them feel that the Taurus is actually interested.

They aren’t great with words and are often unaware of the impact words can make on their relationship. They want to protect their heart more than anything and believe that showing their true, unfiltered side can make way to get their heart broken or wounded.

Their lack of communication and inability to express how they truly feel can make their partners feel that there’s something missing in the relationship and can create problems that can’t be undone.

Taurus is good at hiding their emotions even from themselves and does it so well that they often forget to get in touch with even themselves to see the truth about the relationship.

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