Some people just are a call for trouble. It’s not like they want trouble or are doing something deliberately because they need something to spice up their life ( okay, maybe not all ) but sometimes trouble just follows them. It’s just the fault in their stars.

They are like the wind that blows into places but get the thunder of trouble behind. While sometimes this trouble lasts and just encircles around their own life, sometimes it gets the people who surround them into situations they don’t want to be in, even when they had nothing to do with the incident in the first place.

They have the tendency to knock on trouble’s door without even knowing that trouble is waiting for them inside and they more often than not, always bring a plus one (that can be you if you aren’t careful).

If you are someone who prefers staying out of unwanted situations, you need to stay away from these zodiac signs because they can get you into serious stressful situations you may have no going back from.

1. Leo

Leo’s impulse and temper always get them into the crime seat most of their life. Their aggression gets them into unforeseen trouble situations. They could be having a great day and be in a booming mood but it would take someone to make a trivial mistake for them to go all berserk!

Their anger could get blood on their hands but they still wouldn’t regret it. This attitude of not knowing where to draw a line always gets them into serious situations. Now imagine being with a Leo and finding out that they just did a cold-blooded murder! While they’d end up behind bars, chances are you too and end up with them.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios are known to get their claws out as and when they see a threat. The threat could be anything, from them sensing someone’s ill intention, noticing that someone is trying to steal their thunder, is an ego threat to them, or is straight up trying to come after the Scorpio.

They don’t hide away their dark side and play it cool. Instead, they are always on the edge ready to strike whenever they find the need.

This aggressive attitude often gets them into situations that can be a trap or stir up some drama as well as make them fall into seriously dangerous situations. In crisp words, Scorpio is where the trouble is.

3. Aquarius

Known to be in the driving seat when it comes to taking revenge from anyone who rubs them the wrong way, Aquarius is someone who can you in trouble even if you aren’t playing a role in this situation.

They are extremely manipulative and revengeful and these characteristics can often make them land in troubled situations.

They often play the bad guy in any situation because of their courage and their adventurous side often makes them do things that can risk their reputation and life. If you’re around an Aquarius have your guards up because you will never be sure about what you’re getting into.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius has the inbuilt ruthless to do anything it takes to get their life together and secure a future for themselves.

Though they are intelligent and extremely creative beings, they can be lazy and believe in easy money and going to any length it takes to achieve their goals. They are infamous for pulling in antics that can get them into serious legal troubles.

Their adventurous side often plays the devil’s role and makes them get into threateningly perilous situations. Their life choices and how they function are a big red flag if you’re someone who likes miles away from trouble.

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