Intimacy isn’t just bout just that few moments of physical interaction, it’s about the feelings that are induced when you communicate before you get the sheets rolling.

Sex is much more than just the touch, it’s about how two individuals talk before, during, and after physical intimacy to each other and the way the right words can hit the definite chord in the heart.

One of the biggest make-or-break situations is dirty talk to get things steamy and to set the right mood. Be it sexting or talking dirty with your partner on the side of your bed, talking dirty is often the first step to showcase your interest or willingness.

While some zodiac signs can’t get their act together when it comes to talking dirty, some zodiac signs are professionals at these conversations and have mastered this art to a point that the results of their dirty talk are more often than not, pretty hot.

1. Scorpio

It’s no secret that the Scorpio uses their claws ( read sex) as their secret weapon to make their partners fall knee-deep for them. Yes, Scorpios are that good in bed! So it should come as no shock to know that they’re splendid at talking about it too.

They are extremely good at tweaking the dirty details of their sensuality in a way that lets them have control, take the lead on the situation, and add sultry to the flirty conversations.

While other zodiacs might find sexting or doing the sexy talk as a challenge, Scorpios look at it as their playground.

They would get to specifics of what they’d do, how they’d do it, and other nasty details that get anyone to go running towards their house.

2. Gemini

Gemini has it all when it comes to taking the steaminess of the bedroom up a notch. They know exactly what to say and how to say it. They know it takes a whisper in the right way to get their person of interest to hook up with them right then and there.

Gemini gets their smooth-talking skills to use and knows just the right things to say to charm just about anyone. Call it one of their biggest flex but dirty talking is their forte and the fact that they know no one can do it better than them gets up their confidence which shows in the way they leverage these skills.

3. Cancer

Cancers are persuasive in nature. They know how to go after what they want and exactly what to do to achieve it. They’re the masters of sexting and know exactly how to grab your attention even when you’re busy.

Cancers never let any intimate moment be dull and know exactly how to stimulate an unforgettable experience through their words.

They believe dirty talk is a part and parcel of being intimate and they have their own unique way around the entire process of how to get anyone smitten over their sex talks. It’s no secret that Cancer’s dirty talk can make anyone go gaga over them.

4. Leo

How can the passionate and feisty Leo not be on this list? Leo knows how to talk dirty and how! They are great at communication and even better when they have to add an erotic touch to their conversations.

They are deeply aware of their partner’s turn-ons and the things that can get them pumped up for a great time.

Leo knows that they’re a great deal when it comes to doing the right things to spice things up. This is why when they dirty talk they usually talk about the things they’d do, how they’d make their partners feel, and show off their skills just by communicating with them.

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