The most important relationships in our lives are based on trust. Therefore, it is crucial for the people in your life to have the same values.

How many friends or partners have you kept after finding out that they didn’t keep their word?

If you are starting a friendship or romantic relationship with the following zodiac signs, make sure they are trustworthy and able to keep their word.


Gemini Zodiac Sign

Gemini people are volatile. This zodiac sign’s symbol is the twins for a reason! Several people with opposing personalities seem to live within them, making them uncompromising and unreliable.

These natives love to gossip and are incapable of holding their tongues. They probably won’t keep their word if you ask them to hush a secret.

They may not tell everyone, but you can rest assured that they will tell at least one person.

Geminis also have a hard time committing to long-term plans. They are more about living in the present and are constantly changing their minds.

Their days start one way and end in a completely different one! So they can’t guarantee to help you move, go with you to the doctor, or any other event that will happen in the future.


Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries people are too impulsive, and this can make them unreliable. They do not harbor ill intentions but can forget their commitments if something in the heat of the moment distracts them.

Arians are easily diverted since they are passionate, and life events catch their attention. For example, they may have promised to help you study for finals, but a lot could happen in between.

For example, someone may have invited them to a quick soccer game or gotten caught up in an argument with someone else.

By the time they remember their arrangements for the day, it’s probably too late to come to see you!

Again, Arians do not harbor ill intentions! But think twice before asking them for a favor. If you need their help, make sure it’s an immediate request, so they don’t get distracted.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

People born under the sign of Sagittarius are unpredictable and not very trustworthy. They cannot keep their word because they need to feel free of commitments in order to be comfortable.

This can be in the realm of work, personal relationships, and family, among others.

Sagittarius values their independence and freedom above all else and does not like to see their schedule cluttered. Moreover, these natives are not detail-oriented and often say things without meaning it.

These natives may promise to come to your birthday and, as far as you are concerned, they have committed. However, to Sagittarius, it was just something they said in the spur of the moment.

Sagittarius people are only faithful to the impulses of their hearts. They won’t stick to their plans if they feel like switching gears or doing something different. They will follow what their motivation dictates without feeling guilty about it.


Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces natives are unreliable and cannot keep their word, but not because they are evil or selfish.

These individuals are incredibly absent-minded and easily distracted. This is mostly because of Neptune, their ruling planet. This mystical celestial body governs our unconscious, everything beyond reason and logic.

These spiritual beings came to this world to explore a more mystical side of existence. That is why they are excellent artists, painters, and healers!

Anything that involves transcending their consciousness appeals to Pisces, which means they cannot fully engage with the practical aspects of their routine.

Pisces people spend too much time fantasizing and have a hard time dealing with mundane matters such as work, bureaucracy, and commitments.

If you want Pisces to keep their word, be sure to write it down in their calendar, set the alarm on their cell phone, and remind them about their commitment multiple times.

They’ll feel terrible for letting you down, but they can’t help being so scatterbrained!

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