All Zodiac signs have three stages to them. We all start off as the first stage of the sign, and those are the most common representatives of all the signs (Scales for Libra, Scorpion for Scorpio, Centaur for Sagittarius…), but there are two more stages to each sign, and these are less known stages.

For Gemini, these three stages are Twins, Ship and Stars.

The Twins

The first and foremost form of Gemini. This is their form when they experience an insatiable thirst for information and knowledge. This is their double combo personality and faces they present to the world. The form when they are like child twins – everything is new, everything is a game and everyone is their plaything.

During this phase of their evolution, Geminis are focusing all their stamina on mental development and psychological broadening. While this serves its purpose and has its pros, it leaves them emotionally unfulfilled and uprooted. They purposefully avoid anything and anyone who can tie them down or act as an anchor.

But this can go on just for so long, what is a mind without a heart, and what is existence without a mindful living? This is why Geminis are forced to evolve from their basic form, and the form they evolve into is the Ship. Curiosity is a wonderful thing, as is a young spirit, but everything requires an evolution in order to reach its higher form and better quality of existence. This truth doesn’t skip Gemini either.


This form is their middle form, a stage in the evolution process where they discover that their thirst for information has a higher purpose – accumulation and application of acquired knowledge. During the Ship phase, Gemini learns how to transmute the learned information into useful knowledge.

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This is the phase of their evolution where they are traversing the metaphysical seas in the search of higher answers that will not only satiate their mental curiosity but also fill their heart and soul with meaningful answers that can help them teach others.

This form is the hardest for them, and many Geminis fall back into the first form (Twins) from this stage. Here, courage is needed the most for Geminis to not back down and degrade into their former state of being. If they manage to muster up the courage to feel, fail, get hurt and get over it, then they move on to the final form – the Stars!

The Stars

This is their final form, a form in which they unite learned knowledge with their hearts and spirit. Due to all the hardships they’ve endured and matured, but still managed to retain their youthful spirit and curiosity, Geminis in this stage become teachers and inspiration for others.

Just like the brightest stars in the sky showing true North and guiding sailors to their destination, Geminis in their Star form are showing others not just the way, but also the way things can be done. They are at their most productive, innovative and kind in this form.

It’s thanks to the Stars form and final step in their personal revolution, that Geminis are capable of teaching others and transferring that sacred knowledge only they could acquire and harvest on their travails. This is the stage of evolution where Geminis show what they’re made of, and how far ahead of everyone else in terms of mental fortitude and fast thinking they are.

Truly an amazing form that unites all of their best qualities into one and shines bright in the heavens for others to be able to pave their own way, as well.

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