These Zodiac Signs are Most LIKELY to Get into a FIGHT with their LANDLORD

If we could all own a comfortable property, we would be so lucky! But also, the landlords would be unemployed, and we would miss out on several funny anecdotes.

For example, fights between landlord and tenant, what a classic! Some people will try to avoid them at all costs while others seem to be inevitably attracted to them.

Are you ready to learn which Zodiac Signs are most likely to fight with their landlord? Read on and let’s find out together!

#1. Aquarius

It is not very common to see Aquarius complying with the letter of the rules. They tend to push other people to the limit as their rebellious spirit does not let them abide by the law.

They keep fighting with their landlord without any real reason, honestly! Only to drive them crazy, since they could pay their bills on time easily.

But we know how Aquarians are… as long as they can cause a little commotion, they’ll be happy.

#2. Aries

Aries has a wild and fiery heart. They are flexible as long as they have autonomy and can decide on their own.

In other words, they loathe having someone on their back telling them what to do! And if their landlord is the type to meddle in other people’s affairs, they will run into huge problems!

Aries is territorial and will quickly draw boundaries to protect their privacy. If they have to fight, so much the better! We all know who’s gonna win the battle… Unless, of course, the landlord is also an Aries character, then it will be an unresolvable dispute.

#3. Gemini

Gemini is always doing a thousand things at the same time. When they promise to fix something at home or pay some of their bills, they usually do it at the last minute, making their landlord very upset.

Furthermore, they are social butterflies and are constantly inviting people to their house, hosting parties, and making plenty of noise. The neighbors eventually end up complaining and Gemini’s landlord won’t stop arguing about it!

#4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius never seems to notice problems, even when they are right in front of them. They are so optimistic and cheerful that they end up playing innocently in the eyes of others.

Sagittarius’ landlord suffers from this carefree mood, as they can’t ask them to pay the rent on time or to fix some of their house’s problems. Sagittarius’ responses will always be “don’t worry, life is for enjoying” which ends up exasperating them and engaging in terrible fights. 

#5. Pisces

Pisces has been absent-minded and forgetful since the first day they came into the world. Even they surprise themselves with the number of things they confuse and forget during the day! Frankly, it is a miracle they have a normal adult life.

And this also applies to dealing with their landlords. They constantly forget to turn the water off, the lights, not to mention the rent! They simply forget, and end up getting into long fights and arguments with their landlord to avoid being kicked out of their home.

#6. Taurus

The reason why Taurus tends to fight with its landlord is very different from those mentioned above. They are fond of good living and have high expectations about the place they are moving to.

After all, they value their comfort very highly and will not deign to pay a dollar if any of their requirements are not met. So, they fight with their landlord to demand better conditions, arrangements, and so on.

They are usually very attentive to these details and will not stand idly by just to be nice.

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