These Zodiac Signs are LEAST likely to FIGHT with a NEIGHBOR

Neighbors can be either your best friends or your worst nightmare. Generally, this depends on each person’s character: if they are more outgoing, talkative, or if they don’t like anyone meddling in their business.

If you find this intriguing, I invite you to read on and join me in learning about the Zodiac Signs who are least likely to end up fighting with their neighbors.

#1. Pisces

Pisces wouldn’t dare to bother anyone! Being a mutable sign, they tend to adapt to others and avoid imposing their decisions on their neighbors. That’s why they are the ideal next-door residents!

Pisces never get in the way; they are lovable and make friends very easily. They like to share their time with their precious neighbors and will always offer their help if they are in need!

#2. Libra

Not only Libra’s would never fight with their neighbor! They will make sure not to be a nuisance to them, always thinking of their comfort and well-being.

If their neighbors make a lot of noise at night or do something inappropriate, just talking to Libra for a few minutes will fix the problem!

Libra may complain about it internally a couple of times, but they will never bring it up when they have their next-door buddies around.

#3. Sagittarius

Sagittarians don’t usually get on their neighbors’ nerves because they are the noisiest people on the block! They throw extravagant parties every weekend, are very friendly and outgoing, and never complain about their neighbors.

In fact, they try to be as nice as possible to keep them on their side and avoid fights down the road. Their neighbors already know how they are and forgive them thanks to their fun-loving spirits.

#4. Scorpio

Unlike others, Scorpios do get annoyed by their neighbors’ actions. Whether it’s because they are loud, or nosy, or because their cooking is too spicy and smells all over the hallway!

But don’t think Scorpios will come out and complain about it! They struggle with confrontation, and would rather just resent and dislike them in the shadows. They may play a few pranks on the sly, but once they see them, they’ll treat them as kindly as ever!

#5. Aquarius

Aquarians thrive on noise, excitement, changes, new friends, and fun! They will never get upset with their neighbors over any of their actions, but rather will encourage them in all of their affairs.

Aquarians don’t like to follow the rules and don’t expect their neighbors to do so. Therefore, they won’t have to put up with any complaints on their behalf.

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