These Zodiac Signs will give the SHOULDER to CRY on

Being a good listener is already a highly valued talent… but having enough empathy to comfort someone is a whole other level!

Those who are going through a hard time greatly appreciate this kind of companionship by their side. Those who stay with them through thick and thin, and who won’t hesitate to offer their shoulder to cry on.

Do you want to know which Zodiac Signs know how to do it? Read on and find out!

#1. Pisces

It’s no secret that Pisces is a sensitive character, but you may have no idea to what extent! Pisces can sense the suffering of living beings even if they’ve never met them. Their empathy truly knows no bounds.

So, if you are in some kind of trouble, you can rest assure that Pisces will drop everything and run to your side. They won’t necessarily give you the solutions to your problems, but they will spend the whole night comforting you and making you feel understood.

Thus, in case you are planning to see Pisces, you can relax and let all your tears come out.

#2. Cancer

Cancer is a very private and withdrawn individual, but just because they possess an overwhelming emotional depth.

They are easily moved by certain situations and protect themselves under big armor to avoid being hurt.

So, no one but them will understand the sufferings of others, but especially of their family and close childhood friends.

Anyone with whom they have a bond of many years is more than welcome to cry on their shoulder! But try to make sure it is in a private place where no one will see them.

#3. Libra

Libra is known at times to be superficial and only concerned with appearances. But, while they are not experts in dealing with emotions, they are genuinely interested in other’s well-being.

So, they will kindly offer to listen to their acquaintances’ problems if they notice it’s not their best day. And if they’re going to share a few tears, they’ll pull out a scented handkerchief and a sweet treat to make them feel better.

#4. Leo

You’re surprised to see Leo on this list, right? Well, Leo is not all the time thinking about themselves! They are very receptive to their friend’s problems and encourage them to get their emotions out in the open.

As they are just as open and expressive, they expect the same from others and will accompany them during every unfortunate moment, no matter if it seems unimportant.

Besides, they will give good advice, as it is a great opportunity to talk about their exploits and experiences.

#5. Scorpio

Once you start bonding with Scorpio, you will notice that, almost without realizing it, you start sharing every dark and painful secret you harbor inside.

Honestly, Scorpios are like spell casters! They have such a talent for making you feel understood, no matter how terrible the story is.

They will never judge you, in fact, their words end up being healing and will encourage you to embark on a deep healing process. Eventually, you will be glad to have found Scorpio in your life.

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